Day 7 Atapuerca to Burgos

Otherwise known as the longest day.

Naturally the day began with a 1.5 mile ascent on a rocky, rocky road. SAM_0650

Did I mention how rocky the road was? Rocky ascents and descents slow me down, I’m very cautious because I don’t want to become careless and get hurt.

Well slow me down is an understatement, I’m slow to begin with – now add a pack on my back of about 17 or 18 pounds because of water and fruit and I am reduced to the pace of a snail. Most peregrinos wiz right by me especially on the inclines, but I don’t care I’m crawling my own Camino.

So onward I walk, after a while the terrain changed to a relatively flat surface making its way through many small villages on the way to Burgos.

I took the suggested route into Burgos alongside the river. I reached a square where a couple of French gents suggested I take the bus with them into Burgos because it was still 10 kms away. I, of course, continued walking. After all, they had to be wrong, I could see the city just a way up the road.

I walked and walked and then walked some more. I believe I stopped on every bench I passed by. My legs were screaming with shin splints and the weather was quite hot. A thermometer I passed said 31C. Being from a country that measures temperatures in F, I only knew it was muy calor!

Finally I made it to my hotel in Burgos and booked the room for two nights. I needed a rest day.

Today’s hike was 12.82 miles/21.5 kms and it took me 6 hours.

8 responses to “Day 7 Atapuerca to Burgos

  1. Jill and I followed the trail along the river and thought we would never find the right bridge to cross into town. Lot further than we thought it would be.


  2. Hi Arlene. Greetings from Leon. Cannot believe how hot it is. Pleased you are progressing steadily and enjoying the walk.
    Have enjoyed Leon, recovered from the trip over and ready to begin walking tomorrow.


  3. Way to go!! You deserve a nice rest lady. Glad things are going well. Love all the emails and photos this trip.
    Be safe & God Bless

    Deb ❤


  4. Arlene, I missed the cutoff for the river walk, so I walked by the airport and the factories and it felt like it never ended. At least I had good company to cheer me on.

    Anne, I hope you enjoyed Leon. Remember, take that bus at the outskirts of Burgos…


  5. Arlene, good for you mate!

    Take it slow on those ups and down! And bravo for not taking a bus!

    And bravo too for spending two nights in Burgos. Such a beautiful city, and glorious cathedral.

    Great shot of it by the way. One of the best I’ve seen!

    I hope you enjoy your rest.


  6. Arlene:
    Glad to hear you found the turnoff for the river walk into Burgos. I remember how long it was along the river before you got to the right bridge. The only way I made it was with a helado from the stand at the beach park around the halfway point. Enjoy the city – you’ve earned a rest day.


  7. Arlene, be kind to yourself. We all care so much about you! I’m glad you’re taking a day off, but don’t push too hard, ok? Blessings!!


  8. Smart to take a rest day to rest your shines…warm compresses helps!

    Do toe taps to stretch shines before you walk..standing, rest heel on ground with toes pointed up, then bounce/tap toe to the ground…do 15-20 times on each leg.


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