Fast Forward to April 20th 2018

I have completed my physical therapy and was released by the Orthopedic surgeon on April 2nd. Since that time, I have been exercising indoors and driving to and from nearby stores.

I have purchased a treadmill and a stationary bicycle in order to keep my exercise going. Living in New Jersey seems to bring more unpleasant days where the weather prohibits me from getting outdoors to exercise than pleasant days. Of course, I am sure many will think ‘Gosh, lady tough it up‘ but I’m not tough. Sure I’ve walked in rain on the Camino, but I didn’t have a choice, a Pilgrim keeps walking.

Here in Jersey and at this point in my life, I can do as I please. And I am pleased to not have the need to put myself in a situation that is unpleasant. Remember, I have just recovered from a slip on black ice that had me immobilized for 2 months and in therapy for another 2 months.

However, today was a pleasant day albeit blustery cold and I returned to the scene of the crime so to speak. I returned to the park where I fractured my knee over 4 months ago.

I walked for 2 miles, a paltry distance but a beginning. I must remember a quote from Lao Tzu  “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

The next time I go out for exercise, it will be for a longer distance. My Garmin stats are below:



18 responses to “Fast Forward to April 20th 2018

  1. I think you are tough,,,, and you went thru a lot to prove it,,,, falling, down and out of commission for 2 months and therapy for so long too, but look what you accomplished today….you go girl! How’s the Choose Happiness pilgrimages going…did you have something planned for while you were down and out,,, and, will you be able to proceed if something is scheduled in the near future? Saw some stained glass pieces today on line and wondered if you still do that. I am sure being back in NJ has its challenges, but the heat in AZ did as well correct!… and the snow is beautiful, you have to admit LOL…..Just wanted to drop in, say hello and wish you well as I thought of you today with the stained glass and then read your post,,, xo


    • Hi Maggie, Yes the tours I had going out this Spring have been made into self-guided tours with me making all the arrangements for the pilgrims. I am saddened I am not able to join them, but next year I’ll be ready to go again. In fact, I am sure there will be plenty of walking in my future.


  2. lova g njuguna

    3.0 mph is a very decent speed


  3. One step at a time. Each day the strength returns. Keep walking.


  4. Nancy Johnson Martinez

    One step at a mile at a time; always moving towards a more pleasant time…ENJOY all those steps!!


    • Nance, one foot in front of the other and before we know it, walking across continents and mountain ranges doesn’t seem such a daunting task. Onward and upward – Ultreia y Suseïa!


  5. Best, best wishes for your continued recovery Arlena. Returning to the spot where you sustained your injury would have been akin to laying old ghosts to rest. Time now to rejoice in once again being able to do what you love. As the wonderful Tom Andreotti (t2andreo on the Camino Forum) says – “solvitur ambulando con Dio” – It Is Solved By Walking with God. Those ancient and magical Camino paths are waiting for you – take joy in every step as you walk towards them.
    Camino hugs from Oz –


  6. Arlena,

    I had no idea. Somehow I missed anything about the fall. That is what I get for not being better at keeping in touch. Sounds like you are back on the mend. That is great to hear and it will take more than a broken knee to keep you down. Keep up the good recovery. Best always.


    • Steve, yes the recovery and healing of the fracture (fractured into 4 separate sections) took some time, but thankfully I did not need surgery. All I needed was patience to sit immobilized for 2 months. I guess we both are not that great with keeping in touch. Hoping you are doing well. Take care friend.


  7. Arlene – when did you go back to NJ? Have you permanently left AZ? Keep up the recovery and I’m sure you’ll be back on the Camino before you know it.
    Cheers – N


    • Hi Nan,
      I moved back to NJ 2 years ago. I’m not liking it too much and am considering a move back to Tucson, just waiting for the sun, moon and stars to align properly.


      • Ah, well I thought I knew that was where you fell BUT only visiting! Good for you that you are able to keep the Camino walks going if only as self-guided. AZ would be hard to leave, certainly in winter BUT easy in summer! I admire your patience in the recovery! Not my strong suit! N


      • I was challenged every day by being immobilized while healing, but thankfully that is over and now it’s time to move on.


  8. Fantastic that you are getting mobile again Arlena. Life presents us all with challenges and it takes concerted determination and persistence to overcome them. I am so impressed with you my friend. xx


    • Angie, to not be able to walk another Camino is totally unacceptable. If I were to choose not to walk that would be one thing, but to be unable because of a silly accident, no!
      I continue to exercise and walk albeit indoors, the weather where I am living is simply not conducive to doing such activities outdoors year round. Hmm, stay tuned for big changes coming.


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