Have you ever noticed how other’s energy affects you?

I have been taking notice of this phenomenon lately and have come to the conclusion this is something that happens in every instance when interacting with another person. Well at least for me it is!

I have a long time friend who every time I speak with her, I walk away from the conversation feeling depressed, old and lonely. That is until I realize that I have chosen the life I lead and my age is something to be thankful for not to be sad about, we all age if we are lucky. It is our responsibility to enjoy the day, stay socially and physically active and stop worrying about our age. I laugh at the number of years I’ve been alive and hope for as many more years going forward.  Of course, if we sit around all day feeling sorry for ourselves, we will spiral down lower and lower.

There is another friend who frenetically runs around doing this or that. It seems she cannot stay still. I’ve not ever seen her sit down and enjoy a meal or a conversation. She is always running! She puts something down and then cannot find it, she is clumsy and prone to accidents and falls, she simply does not pay attention. When I have contact with this person, I find myself being affected by the chaos. I can feel the stress tightening my shoulders and neck and before I know it I have a headache. It takes me quite a bit of time to calm down once I am out of her company.

My hiking friends inspire me to reach deeper and achieve more without ever speaking a word. I leave my encounters with them feeling fabulous, not only for what I had just achieved but for their friendship and inspiration as well.

Other friends are calm and pleasant to be around. Every time we get together, I leave feeling happy and calm.

There are all kinds of people and my conclusion is that each one can add or subtract something to or from us. We need boundaries and limits. Setting these boundaries is not easy, but the result of having them far outweighs the work we put into setting them.