Day 8 – A rest day in Burgos

Burgos is a beautiful city, I would classify it as a multiple stork city simply because every church I saw had one or two nests although I didn’t see a single nest on the Cathedral.


The Cathedral was magnificent. This was the second time I toured it, but this tour was seen by new eyes.

I stepped on the star on the floor beneath the star skylight and very curiously tears filled my eyes and at the same time I felt my heart open.


This year’s Camino is bringing about many revelations to my spirit.

My life is beautiful!

6 responses to “Day 8 – A rest day in Burgos

  1. Loving the pictures, your notes on each stop over and your daily discoveries. Sounds enchanting! SO glad your eyes and heart are filling with wonder and gratitude. This sounds like the trip of new…


  2. Hi Arlene –
    I hope your rest day in Burgos has refreshed you both in mind and in body. Your spirit would be flying after your experience standing on the star in the cathedral. I recall Bill stood on a star (I think it was) in Burgos Cathedral and he had an overwhelming surge of energy rush through him … I wonder if it was the same star? How amazing it would be if it was!
    Sending you the best vibes for everything wonderful on your pilgrimage –
    Jenny x


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