Day 6 – Villafranca Monte de Oca to Atapuerca

This morning started out with a wonderful breakfast of toast, ham, cheese, various types of jam, yogurt and sweet treats.

The Hotel San Anton Abad surely treats peregrinos well! And it wasn’t long until I found out why. I can read the guides but words never seem to properly describe the upcoming day to me or maybe I just choose to disbelieve.

Straight out of the gate, not 10 yards from the hotel’s entrance, began a very steep climb that seemed equal to the climb up the Pyrenees from
St. Jean although not quite as long. In actuality it was a 2 mile/3 km climb that went through
wonderfully dense forest. There were black
currants to forage but no water until the town of San Juan de Ortega which is 7.5 miles/12 kms
San Juan de Ortega was a 3 bell – no stork town and not my destination for the day. I walked on past Ages into the town of Atapuerca where I am staying in a casa rurale that I have all to myself. Well almost, there are a flock of chicken out front.
All told I walked 11.92 miles/19.1 kms today


11 responses to “Day 6 – Villafranca Monte de Oca to Atapuerca

  1. Arlene, so glad you stayed in the Hotel portion, I stayed in the albergue. There is a great disconnect between those two. I left that albergue very early – in the darkness, drizzling rain and fog, with 2 irish travelers. I wrote about it on Bill’s blog. It was the only time on the camino I felt uncomfortable.
    I was glad to make it over the mountain, past Ages and stayed in Atapuerca at the Municipal. What a wonderful place for me. The dining room, is that in the Casa, or the local restaurant. If it is the restaurant, I ate there very well. I guess tomorrow Burgos? Ultreia


  2. Sounds like you’re having a ball Arlene..I didn’t stay long in Villafraca but I will next time. I have stayed in the municipal in Atapuerca. Nice village but you did right staying in the casa rural there 🙂


  3. Arlene, I like your pace. No need to push it. You will enjoy it so much more, based on my own experience. Steve


  4. Did you and the chickens get along? Wonderful pictures and posts . . . . keep them coming . . . . my prayers are with you.



  5. So proud you have been my friend all these years. Your strength and courage have paid off by experiencing the wonders that lay ahead on the road. Looking forward to your next postings. Walk and enjoy and reflect on Gods beauty all around you.


  6. Lovely photos Arlene, especially the second one with the trees slightly blown out in exposure. Very evocative. I remember that long long hill – and yes, that climb. But it sounds like you’re well on top of it, and you’re doing it exactly the way you want to do it, which is perfect! It sounds like you’re having a great time! Take care –


  7. You may have seen one of my blockprints taped to the bar at Hotel Saint Anton Abad… Alphonso the owner took good care of me while I was there! This is where I tasted my first Orujo con cafe solo! I’m glad to hear the breakfast has improved! Hiking through that enormous pine forest was quite powerful! That was my big miles day hiking all the way to Burgos from Villafranca Monte de Orca. You sound good!


    • I hope you are taking time in the morning to do stretches… This was extremely helpful for me… And a few times, it got me looking up at things wouldn’t have seen otherwise… Corbels on chapels and such…


  8. How well I remember this trek on the Camino – you are doing wonderfully, keep it up. Buen Camino Arlene.


  9. Ingrid,
    That is the dining room in the casa rural.


  10. Beautiful pictures and that does look like a long, long hard climb, but you did it, pat on the back for the girl from Merrick LOL!


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