Day 5 – Belorado to Villafranca Monte de Oca

Today’s mileage was 7.9 miles/12.2 kms. It was once again a lovely day, slightly cool with puffy white clouds and a breeze when I seemed to require it. The hiking for the most part was simple slightly rolling hills with plenty of flat surfaces. In other words a dream day or a cake walk.

I walked past some apple and pear trees, and found a beautiful apple lying beneath one of the trees. It was as though the Camino placed it there especially for me. It was cool and sweet. What a treat. Up until today I have been foraging wonderfully delicious black currants. And for the first time I picked some wheat and ate the nutty wheat berries. Quite a different Arlene, no?

I’m having a good time. I am walking at my own pace, stopping to snap pics when the mood strikes, and generally enjoying life, which I will add is great. Yes my legs hurt, but there was a nice hot bath in my hotel when I arrived.

I passed an amazing sunflower field today. I had to take these snaps. I hope my grandchildren see these. Before my last Camino I went to a sunflower maze in New Jersey with them,I think they would enjoy to see them.


3 responses to “Day 5 – Belorado to Villafranca Monte de Oca

  1. Sounds like you are having a lovely walk Arlene. We are on the meseta at Carrion de los Condes. If you can afford to spoil yourself, stay at the Hotel Real Monasterio de San Zoilo, a beautiful former monastery. It’s a bit pricey but magnificent. Enjoy y buen camino, Peter and Maggie


  2. wonderful shots you have a good eye…..and it seems the Way is there for you when you need…life is as it should be for you…..take care blessings and I bet the bath was heavenly..les


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