Santo Domingo de la Calzada to Belorado

Today was a long day mileage wise. 14.55 miles/23.42 kms. I began walking a 7:15, the sun was not yet up. I was very lucky to get this snap just as it poked over the horizon.

It was a first for me, no caffeine until about 1 hour 45 minutes later in a small village called Granon. I did survive however.

I stopped to eat some fruit I had purchased in Granon in a small square in the town of Villamayor del Rio.

Onward and only slightly uphill today, I arrived in Belorado at about 1:45 this afternoon. Today I again caught up with the couple and their friend from Ireland; first in the square in Villamayor then in the cafe where I had a fabulous menu del dia.

The first course was a mixed salad (ensalada mixta) followed by chicken and fries, a glass of vino tinto, plenty of water with rice pudding for desert.
Sorry for the finished plate, I was ravenous!

Today’s town was a 4 stork town!

11 responses to “Santo Domingo de la Calzada to Belorado

  1. We stayed in the Belorado Hotel in Belorado. A scary place, but only place we could find.


  2. The sunrises and sunsets are heavenly. Last night was harvest moon, and in a few das new moon. IF the skies are clear, get up early and walk under the milky way. You will be able to see deep space without binoculars. It is magical. Ultreia


  3. Steve,
    I’m in Casa Waslala. It seems nice except I’m on the top floor and my legs and back hurt.


  4. Love the 4 stork town reference!! Your sunrise shot was beautiful!! Looks like it was a great day!!


  5. What a sunrise!!!!!!!


  6. Arlene, great photos. Looking forward to the “stork” ratings of each town.
    At the airport awaiting departure.
    Anne ✈


  7. Hi Arlene – gorgeous sunrise shot. I love it that you did justice to your menu del dia too! Best wishes for great health and sunny skies –
    Jenny xo


  8. Arlene, I could have lived on Insalada Mixta con atun – loved the photos. And, you survived without coffee for almost two hours!
    Enjoy your Camino,


  9. Loving the photos! The dropbox is awesome.
    You are doing an amazing pace!


  10. Lovely sunset……………. amazing journey you are taking my friend, just amazing!


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