The Rooster Didn’t Crow but The Bulls Ran

Today was a beautiful hike from Azofra to Santo Domingo de la Calzada. The weather was cool with puffy clouds.

I saw many butterflies, I call them angels and a few lady bugs also known as a sign of Mother Mary. I left some prayers in the Cathedral but will also bring those prayer intentions to all the other Cathedrals along the Way.

Unfortunately the rooster didn’t crow as I was in the Cathedral. SAM_0558
I was very lucky though, I did get to see the running of bulls right outside my hotel window.


8 responses to “The Rooster Didn’t Crow but The Bulls Ran

  1. Enjoy that great weather. Be grateful. Sounds like you are in good spirits.



  2. Rooster crowing/not crowing while you’re in the cathedral? There must be a well-known (to all but me!) legend about this. -??


  3. everything going the WAY it should..lovely shots enjoy and take it easy and has it sunk in yet about the mural…best wishes les


  4. Hi Anne,

    Isn’t that cathedral beautiful?

    I loved the marks in the marbla at the base of the cage, where pilgrims used to whack their staffs to agitate the birds and hopefully collect a feather.

    Sounds like you’ve really kicked into a rhythm with your walking!



  5. Well on your WAY!! Good luck my sister!!, J


  6. Did you see the silver vessels holding some relics… about half way down the nave on the right side.. one holds a skull. lol

    This was also the Cathedral, with a relatively younger priest, who enjoyed his craft, very dramatic sermon and pilgrims blessing.

    I stayed with the nuns, and that day I went to mass at noon with the nuns, who sing horribly out of tune but with much vigor, and then during the evening in the cathedral.

    No running of the bulls, but tons of laughter in the piazza. 😉


  7. You are on your way to Santiago – enjoy! Buen Camino,


  8. I don’t know about the crowing of the roosters while in the cathedral either, but I’m sure you will tell me when we talk! Awesome to view from a window above the running of the bulls,,, the picture here shows the bull with head down and a man jumping over the fence…………..


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