Camino de Gastronomía Portuguesa y Gastronomía  Española – Day 10 – Baiona to Vigo

Distance Walked: 16.2 miles/26 kilometers
Total Distance Walked: 103.82 miles/170.25 kilometers
Temperature: 82F/28C

We had checked the weather and were aware that the temperatures were still rising. So that meant an early start.

The walk today was unremarkable except for the fact it was our longest distance yet and the temps were quite hot. Sorry but I didn’t take any photos.

We stopped at a Froiz market to stock up on bottled water for tomorrows trek across the street from our hotel. After we checked in we had lunch in the hotels restaurant. Again another ensalada mixta for Deb and me but Lin ordered eggs with shrimp.

Dinner tonight was in the hotel and absolutely top-notch. Naturally I forgot to photograph the main course but we started with a Gin & Tonic in the bar and let me tell you Spain sure does know how to make a wonderful G&T. We’ve had them with juniper berries, with rose petals and now with lemon and orange peel. Each one was more delicious than the previous, but I will say the Hendricks Gin sure does make a wonderful base to the drink.

Our appetizers were all different, I had pesto covered pasta strips (fettucine), Deb had pate with apples, and Lin had smoked salmon salad.

We were served a beautiful bottle of Albarino wine.

We were so enthralled by our main courses, that we began eating as soon as they were served, which is why I don’t have a photo to share. Deb had the fish which was hake, Lin and I had what we thought would be scallops but turned out to be beef scallopini. As a vegetarian, my choice of main dish could have been better but I truly thought it was going to be scallops.

Dessert followed which for me was vanilla and chocolate ice cream, Lin had fresh fruit – strawberries and oranges and Deb had flan with vanilla ice cream.

We finished off the bottle of wine and went up to our rooms. We will set out early again tomorrow, as the temperatures are forecast to still be quite warm.


2 responses to “Camino de Gastronomía Portuguesa y Gastronomía  Española – Day 10 – Baiona to Vigo

  1. Nancy Johnson Martinez

    Sounds like a long day..ending with fabulous food…hugs, Nancy


  2. YUM those drinks could be a meal in themselves! 😉


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