Camino de Gastronomía Portuguesa y Gastronomía  Española – Day 8 – A Guarda to Oia

Distance Walked:8.8 miles/14.16 kilometers
Total Distance Walked:76.26 miles/122.75 kilometers

It was a glorious day for walking and glorious scenery to walk through. We have rated this the most beautiful walk so far.

I know I promised this blog would be all about the food of the regions, but I could not help but share a glimpse of the natural beauty we are walking through. Gosh, it is great to be alive and able to experience this, we feel so very lucky to be here.

Breakfast at the hotel was the normal buffet breakfast, absolutely satisfying (this morning’s coffee was superb) but nothing to post pictures of.

When we arrived in Oia we stopped at a restaurant at seaside. We sat out on the lawn with many other people enjoying the view of the ocean and the beautiful fresh ocean air.

I can’t seem to get enough of the ensalada mixta nor can Lin. Deb had a chicken dish. It was delicious!

Dinner was at our hotel this evening, which we enjoy as there is no need to walk into town. We can enjoy the lovely ocean views right here from the hotel.

The hotel is  a family run establishment where the owner is deaf. He is the most pleasant, happy man we have met. He has a wonderful sense of humor and communicates with hand gestures and with the air of a translation app on his smartphone. His wife is the chef and prepares some of the most delicious home cooked comfort food.

Home baked bread

Spanish menudo, we think

Tuna steaks and white fish with potatoes and salad

We finished with a dessert of what we think was cherries in syrup and another homemade liquor – this one was creamy, somewhat like Bailey’s Irish Cream.

What a lovely place to stay with a lovely couple as our hosts. We are so blessed on this journey with glorious weather, wonderful food and delightful inn keepers.


9 responses to “Camino de Gastronomía Portuguesa y Gastronomía  Española – Day 8 – A Guarda to Oia

  1. Judee Bradshaw

    So glad to hear and see that you are having a wonderful Camino! Thanks for sharing!!!


  2. kpschlesinger

    looks delicious ! and I like seeing the scenery, please put at least one each day so we know where you are eating this beautiful food.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Wow, what beautiful scenery and food. I know it takes a lot of time doing the blog but I agree the scenery pics would be great as well as some of the hotels and more of you, Lin and Deb if they allow. Very jealous right now. Tried a short 2 mile walk yesterday but the wind gusts of up to 60 mph (in amongst tall trees that fall) and the disappearing sunshine back to rain (ugh) turned us toward home after only a mile. Your weather looks superb and very much enjoying your journey!


  4. Nancy Johnson Martinez

    Wow!! What a glad your day was fabulous..hugs, Nancy


  5. What they said, although as I’ve mentioned before, I just adore looking at the wonderful meals you’re so lucky to chomp your way through! 🙂


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