Yoga Teaching Training Certification

Tomorrow February 2, 2017 I embark on a new beginning. A new challenge. A new chapter in the book of Arlène. I fly to the Caribbean to begin a month long intense training to become a certified Yoga teacher.


I am both jubilant and apprehensive.

Jubilant because I love the practice of the asanas and the complete focus and concentration they require. Jubilant because Yoga helps me to attain clarity through meditation thereby attaining my own inner peace. But most of all jubilant because I will be able to teach this wonderful practice to others.

Apprehensive because I am not as young or as flexible as I once was. Apprehensive because of the intense schedule I will be following for the next 30 days which promises to be chock full of knowledge to glean – will I be able to absorb it all?

A photo I found on the Sivananda website

A photo I found on the Sivananda website of the training

I am sure there will be many firsts for me beginning with my accommodations for the month as I step way far outside my comfort zone. I will be staying in what is called a tent hut (I’ve never slept in a tent in my entire life, this will be the very first time).


Please wish me luck and please send all your positive thoughts for my success out into the Universe.

Thoughts really do become things!!!

20 responses to “Yoga Teaching Training Certification

  1. In my ten years of knowing you I have seen your metamorphosis into the strong, capable woman you are now. This challenge is only proof that you are constantly morphing into the woman you hope to become. Best wishes and best of thoughts to you!!


  2. I just wanna laugh about the tent. i really wanted to be with you the first time you slept in a tent, but oh well. Looks like pretty deluxe accommodations, though. Best of luck and I’ll await your updates.


    • Lova,
      It sure is funny how life plays out isn’t it. I so remember the evening you and I climbed into the tent in Summit Hut to try it out. I was so ready for some backpacking and overnighting but it wasn’t to be at that time. And then when you were ready, I had moved from Arizona. Yup, life sure can be funny – everything in its time.


  3. Good for you Arlene. You continue to conquer new frontiers. Have a great time. The Caribbean might be a great break from New Jersey in the winter.

    Love to you, Steve


    • Steve,
      Yesterday I had to shovel snow! I surely am looking forward to the Caribbean and this new challenge. Yes I’m always looking for a new frontier and a way to better myself. I believe if we don’t keep challenging ourselves we may as well just lie down and give up.
      Love back to you,


  4. Arlene,
    So proud of you! The next chapter of Arlene is beginning. Can not wait to hear how amazing it is, as it unfolds. You will be fantastic. You never do a little, you only do turbo! I am so happy for you. Enjoy, breathe and soak it all in.
    XO Tami


    • Tami,
      I like that – “You never do a little, you only do turbo!” I wonder if there is a spiritual yogi name for Turbo. I’ll have to ask the instructors, I really like that!

      I’m hoping to be able to post some thoughts and pictures while I am there but all will depend on WiFi and my free time – I do plan to keep a journal so if I am unable to post during the time I am there, I will do so afterwards.


  5. What an amazing journey you are going on Arlene. I am full of admiration. It is going to be hard work but if you have been practising yoga for so long you must already have lots of flexibility. So think about it – you are already well on the way!
    I love yoga and have been practising for 18 months already finding that I am improving.
    Thinking of you and yes thoughts are as important as actions in this universe of ours. xx

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    • Angie, Yoga is wonderful, it has helped me in many ways. I’ve been practicing for about 3 years now. While on Camino in July 2016, I was encouraged to get my certification. I hope to offer Yoga to the clients on my tours both before the daily walk and before dinner. Luckily I have the most wonderful mentor who has and continues to encourage me. If not for her, I don’t know if I would have pursued this so intently. Thank you for all the good thoughts you can send out into the Universe on my behalf.


  6. My dear Arlene.
    I would say that after you stay in these accommodations that you still will have not slept in a tent . That looks more like a hotel room with cloth walls. Ha! Can’t believe you have never been camping!. Favorite thing to do in summer with I was a kid and when my girls were growing up. The tent we had was an old army tent that took forever to put up but times have changed and they now pop up in a minute. Still, I would NOT consider your accommodations as camping ot a tent. Looks more like “glamping”. I know you are going to have a wonderful time and be the star yoga student. Take lots of pics.
    Love you

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    • Nope, Linda I’ve never been camping nor have I ever slept in a tent. I am really looking forward to this sleeping outdoor experience. Glamping at the Ashram, now that’s a strange concept, isn’t it?
      My main purpose for this training is to become certified to teach Yoga so I am sure I will succeed. Besides how can I not with all this positive energy being sent my way? I’ll try to write or at least post some pictures but I don’t have any idea how the WiFi will be, so we shall see on that.
      Thanks for all the encouragement you have given me – you are a true friend.
      Love you back,


  7. Dear Arlene, I’ve been practicing Satyananda Yoga for over 15 years and cannot now imagine not having yoga in my life. Not just the asanas, but, probably for me, even more importantly pranayama, chanting and meditation … so don’t let age discourage you. It really has nothing to do with how you can evolve as a teacher and as needed, you can always get someone to demonstrate the asanas!!
    Satyananda was a devote and disciple of Sivananda and I’d love to hear more about the Sivananda Ashram in the Caribbean 🙂 I actually went to the original Sivananda Ashram in Rishikesh when I was there last year with Bill and Jennifer … a definite highlight for me on that amazing trip!
    Enjoy learning and immersing yourself with all the other students … even if it involves glamping! 🙂


  8. Nancy Johnson Martinez

    You never cease to amaze and enlighten me..Breathe! Only wish I could have gone with you.. Namaste.. Love you, NANCY


  9. Arlene, you can DO this! Sleeping in a tent is nothing compared to a co-ed Refugio with multiple snoring guys!!! Night after night for 30+nights! And like the Camino, if you are called, you must answer! (Myself, I am off to the VdLP in less than 7 weeks… Bring on the adventures – it keeps one young!!
    You’ll do great!


  10. bravo Arlene life is challenge otherwise it is boring


  11. Marita Markander

    Dear Arlène, of course you will make it. So lovely! I wish you all good and a fantastic stay in the tent.
    Love and hugs


  12. You will do awesome! I am so excited for you!


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  14. ingridfolkers

    How did it go Arlene?


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