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Yoga Teaching Training Certification

Tomorrow February 2, 2017 I embark on a new beginning. A new challenge. A new chapter in the book of Arlène. I fly to the Caribbean to begin a month long intense training to become a certified Yoga teacher.


I am both jubilant and apprehensive.

Jubilant because I love the practice of the asanas and the complete focus and concentration they require. Jubilant because Yoga helps me to attain clarity through meditation thereby attaining my own inner peace. But most of all jubilant because I will be able to teach this wonderful practice to others.

Apprehensive because I am not as young or as flexible as I once was. Apprehensive because of the intense schedule I will be following for the next 30 days which promises to be chock full of knowledge to glean – will I be able to absorb it all?

A photo I found on the Sivananda website

A photo I found on the Sivananda website of the training

I am sure there will be many firsts for me beginning with my accommodations for the month as I step way far outside my comfort zone. I will be staying in what is called a tent hut (I’ve never slept in a tent in my entire life, this will be the very first time).


Please wish me luck and please send all your positive thoughts for my success out into the Universe.

Thoughts really do become things!!!