Spring Tour Offerings 2017

~Please let your friends who may be interested know of these tours~

I have recently returned from leading a delightful tour on the Caminho Português Coastal Route. It was a beautiful walk with views of the Atlantic Ocean. We arrived in Santiago on 24 July in time for the feast of St. James. One of my clients, Fr. Duane from Brazil con-celebrated mass in the Cathedral both on the 24th and 25th – what an honor that was. And oh, the food and wine; if you are a seafood lover this is the tour for you.

For Spring 2017 Choose Happiness Adventures will be offering both Caminho Português routes, the coastal and the traditional**. Each route is gorgeous in its own right and if the conditions set up by the Cathedral in Santiago are met, each person will receive their Compostela. We will also be offering a Camino Costa da Morte in Galicia, which if completed will provide each client with three certificates, the Muxiana, Fisterana and Compostela.

**We will be featuring a Caminho Português highlighting the celebration of Semana Santa (Easter) in the old city of Santiago de Compostela. We will witness processions and festivities as we walk along the Way during Holy Week.

Caminho Português Coastal: This route is a stunning alternative route of the traditional Camino Português. It winds its way northward following the coast walking on boardwalk and country paths always with the wild Atlantic in view. We cross the River Minho by ferry to arrive in A Guarda, Spain where we continue walking along the coast until we turn inland at Vigo to meet up with the traditional route into Santiago. On this tour you will discover the wild Atlantic beauty and sandy beaches of Northern Portugal and Galicia, taste delicious seafood and wine and stay in beach resorts and three star hotels.

Caminho Português Traditional: This route travels northwards through ancient paths through beautiful rural countryside, passing vineyards, woods, farms, tiny hamlets and small villages, towns and historic cities. This is a route enriched by the presence of chapels, churches, convents, stone altars usually found at crossroads and wayside crosses. We dine on gorgeous local cuisine and sip wonderful local wines. We stay in Country Houses (casas rural) and three star hotels on this tour.

Camino Costa da Morte:  This route pre-dates Christianity, as pagans would head to Fisterra (Finisterre) on the Costa da Morte (Coast of Death). On this tour we walk from Santiago to Muxia and Finisterre and then back to the Cathedral in Santiago de Compostela, Spain. This is a beautiful Camino much more unspoiled and less travelled than the others. We walk along the rugged coast to the sanctuary of A Virxe da Barca in Muxía, a traditional pilgrimage destination in a stunning location by the Atlantic Ocean. After spending a day in Muxia exploring, we continue our walk to Finisterre where the pagans believed the sun died and the worlds of the dead and the living became closer. We enjoy a day in Finisterre after which we walk back to Santiago.

Please contact me at CHadventures@outlook.com or by telephone at 520-912-3031 for more details. If you would like to be included on my tour email list, please let me know.

Ultreia y Suseia,

3 responses to “Spring Tour Offerings 2017

  1. Good luck with this. You have found another new calling.

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    Arlène posted: ” ~Please let your friends who may be interested know of these tours~ I have recently returned from leading a delightful tour on the Caminho Português Coastal Route. It was a beautiful walk with views of the Atlantic Ocean. We arrived in Santiago on 24″


    • Thanks Steve,

      Yes, it surely is fun. Each group is different but they all are great. I’m meeting so many new friends and I’m loving the travel and Portugal, OMG it is my favorite European country. The food is fabulous, as you must remember; the wine flows freely and the accommodations are top notch.

      Stay in touch, friend!



  2. I’m so happy you are loving this business you started Arlene,, it fits you perfectly. What a great idea it was and what a fabulous way to meet new people, gather a world of info and thoughts and to see the beautiful views and food of another land.


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