Camino Portuguese – Days 10 through 13

  • Day 10 – Redondela to Pontevedra – 16.12 miles/25.94 kms
  • Day 11 – Pontevedra to Caldas de Reis – 15.6 miles/ 25.1 kms
  • Day 12 – Caldas de Reis to Padron – 15.48 miles/24.91 kms
  • Day 13 – Padron to Santiago de Compostela – 17.74 miles/ 28.55 kms
  • Total Distance – 180.21 miles/ 290 kms

Each day’s walk was minimally 2 miles longer than expected and I had picked up a Camino Bronchial infection.  Sorry for not posting daily, but I simply was too tired to sit at the computer to post.  But now I am home and thanks to my notes I can update a post on the trail.

We had now joined the traditional route for the final four days into Santiago. Walking from Redondela into Pontevedra entailed some walking on the busy N550 which was not much fun at all.   However, the other parts of the trail were lovely.20160721_12120820160721_102107








Pontevedra to Caldas de Reis held a Pilgrims Spa Treatment for those who choose to participate.  Sadly only 4 of the group enjoyed the treatment.  The hotel had a wonderful pool and offered massages and other spa treatments. There is a wonderful restaurant on the river across from the hotel that serves magnificent food.  A pure delight on the Camino!20160722_124616

20160722_13264420160722_132057 20160722_144801








Caldas de Reis to Padron wasn’t difficult but it was a long trek on a very hot day.  Upon arriving at the hotel, I was not very happy to find that the majority of the rooms were reserved for a motorcyclist club (Sorry Steve and Karl!)  This group was loud and obnoxious and partied til the wee hours of the morning, keeping much of the group awake.

20160723_143334 20160723_094530








Finally we made it to Santiago de Compostela!  Again the trek was long and the end held a steep uphill passing the hospital.  We could now countdown our distance from Santiago on the official Spanish Waymarkers.  Once we arrived in Santiago, we checked into our hotel before going to the cathedral.20160724_101351 20160724_144943




The old town was filled with Police because that evening would be the festivities for the Feast of St. James.  To enter the square the police were not allowing backpacks and were checking all women’s handbags.

I learned that Fr. Duane con-celebrated at the one o’clock  mass that day. Unfortunately Gail, Andrea, Kayla and I were still hiking into Santiago at that time.

Fr. Duane at mass

Our celebratory dinner in the hotel included a Queimada Ceremony.  It was quite special.

This video doesn’t exist

The night was full of fireworks which were displayed over the cathedral.  A few of the group went into the square to watch but I felt safer staying in the hotel and viewing them from my suite rather than go to the square.20160724_23344220160724_233512 20160724_234206


7 responses to “Camino Portuguese – Days 10 through 13

  1. Enjoyed reading your postings, even when the going gets tough. David


  2. Hey, glad you are back and feeling better. The shots were splendid.


  3. Judee Bradshaw

    Looks and sounds strenuous but beautiful. Glad you’ve made it home safe and sound! Take care.


  4. Arlene, it sounds like a magnificent end to your Camino. Very sorry to hear you got a bronchial infection. I walked the Via de Francesco with a similar infection and I know how tough it can be. But great that you’re back home, and congratulations on achieving another Camino milestone! Bill


  5. Nancy Johnson Martinez

    So glad to hear from you..Get well..Can’t wait to hear about this adventure.. Hugs for you and Kayla..


  6. Congratulations on another Camino completed. I’m sure your grandaughter went home with many great memories!


  7. Glad you completed another Camino


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