Day 9 – Vigo to Redondela

Distance: 13.3 miles/21.13 kms

Total Distance: 115.27 miles/185.51 kms

On the first day of most walking tours groups form.  This tour has two distinct groups – The Destinatinos (those who are goal oriented to reach the daily hotel) and the Processors (those who walk along and experience every detail of the Camino).  

I have fallen into the Processor Group, and rightfully so.  This is my nineth or tenth Camino, I’ve truthfully lost count.  I start my walking later than the others as I believe being the tour leader I am responsible for insuring all of my clients arrive at the daily destination safely.  This time, the group I am walking with are other Camino veterans and a spritual woman whom I truly admire on her first Camino.   

Occasionally my Granddaughter will walk with us, but she is a true Destinatino at heart.  The reason may be her competitive spirit, or possibly the other young man on tour.  But this is Portugal and Spain and it is summer, need I say more?

Today was a day Kayla walked with the Processors.  We enjoyed the trek and got to stop and smell the flowers.  Today I pointed out the blackberries on the side of the trail – she and I both ate some. 

Hmm, I wonder if the Destinatinos have even seen how abundant the berries are?  Please know I am not judging as my first Caminos were a race to the finish line each day and I did not see or experience the wealth of the Camino.  

I do understand.  But I wonder, the Camino has so much to reveal, it took me a while to stop and taste the nasturtiums and the blackberries and to smell the jasmine, wisteria and gardenias as well as to accept the pungent scent of the country.  But now I have and all I wish for is the expose my tour groups to the wonders of the Camino.

P.S. from Kayla

The whole reason I walk with the “Destinatinos” is because…… okay you have me there it is mostly becuase of Quintin, the other high school student on tour with us but, I do like to challenge the men to get to the hotel first. i almost always win.

6 responses to “Day 9 – Vigo to Redondela

  1. Kayla is quite funny. Teenagers! Sounds like you two are having a splendid time. Can’t wait to see all your pictures. It’s quite hot correct. Saw a news bulletin that much of Galacia is 100 degrees plus. Enjoy


  2. Nice waterfall. You are exposing people to the Camino. Be patient and let the Camino teach them.


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  3. Judee Bradshaw

    Sounds like a splendid time. Stay cool!


  4. elizabeth0621


    It is good to hear about your trek on another Camino.  You have described it so wonderfully.  I understand you left Tucson and are now on the east coast. Good for you. I bet you are happier plus you are closer to your family.  Have a great rest of your Camino walk and take care.


    P.S. You have my number so don’t be a stranger. 

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  5. downright poetic!


  6. Hey Arlene and Kayla
    It’s been a week since your last post. Hope you’re having fun still and it’s just poor internet! Give a quick post if you can.
    Love you


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