Pictures from the flight to Porto

Waiting at the security checkpoint

A happy girl sitting in McGinley’s Irish Pub waiting for her Potato Skins

The boarding area

Boarding the plane

Inside the plane

In-flight entertainment

These pictures were specifically taken for my grandson, Kayla’s brother Nate.  He is very curious about flying and asked me to take pictures of the airport and plane.

2 responses to “Pictures from the flight to Porto

  1. Hey Arlene,
    Just had an idea. Nate is about the same age as my two 9 year old grandsons and Kayla is the same age as my granddaughter Jordan. Do you think next year we could handle 3 10 year olds and two 16 year olds on a Grand parent tour! Ha! We’d probably be ready for a psycho ward by the time we got back or maybe not! They may all really enjoy it? We’ll seeee………
    Looking forward to the pictures of Day 1 walking.
    Love you

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  2. Nancy Johnson Martinez

    So excited for you two..making memories..Keep those pictures coming.


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