Day 1 – 10 July 2016 Matosinhos to Vila do Conde

15.02 miles/24.17 kms

Ascent – 456 feet

Descent – 459 feet

It was hard and it was long but it was drop-dead gorgeous!  The entire walk was along the Atlantic coast on newly constructed boardwalk.  The temperature was perfect and there was a consistant sea breeze.

But unfortunately I am unable to upload pictures.  I will however, add the pictures once I am able to figure out what the problem is.

Naturally the food was fantastic.  Pictures will follow, I promise.

P.S from Kayla –

Today was really fun. Portugal was a lot different then i thought it would be. The food was fantastic. I loved the veiw every time we came up to an opening in the sand dunes.


6 responses to “Day 1 – 10 July 2016 Matosinhos to Vila do Conde

  1. I was hoping for an update! It must be SO pleasant there. How’d Kayla do with 15 miles?


  2. ingridfolkers

    I remember, for me it was about 1 week a year ago. Loved the boardwalk! and the grilled fish close to the end. ❤


  3. Love the daily updates! We miss you Kay but glad you are having such an awesome experience!! Thank you Mom for allowing Kay to part-take in the amazing adventure


  4. Nancy Johnson Martinez

    Sounds great!! Love your input Kayla..Can’t wait to see pictures..


  5. Ah to be young again! Kayla’s comment on a fun day after walking 15 miles!
    Looking forward to the pictures. Can Grandma keep up with Kayla?


  6. Congratulations on your first day! It’s a long walk, that stage, but so beautiful! Great that you had good weather! Bill


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