On the way to the Way

Our flight was scheduled to leave Newark International Airport at 11:30 (23:30) but we allowed 4 hours to clear through check-in and TSA security lines.

Luckily for us, we cleared both lines within 30 minutes of our arrival.  We decided to have a snack at McGinley’s Irish Pub to help pass some of the remaining time before we could board our plane.  Kayla enjoyed her very first potato skins and I enjoyed a Jamison Old Fashioned.

Finally we boarded the plane, and thanks to our TAP Portugal pilot and navigation crew, we had the smoothest take off, ride and landing I have ever experienced.  I was very happy for this as this was Kayla’s first plane flight.

I snapped many, many photos in and around the plane because Nate, my 11-year-old grandson had requested them.  This blog post is two-fold, the first to chronicle our way to the Way and second for Nate.

P.S. from Kayla;

This was my first plane ride. It was very extraordinary. On the plane we were served a rice and vegetable dish for dinner. We were also served a vegetable sandwich with granola bars and raisins for breakfast. The bathroom was tiny but do-able. Every time Nana and I got the chance we took pictures of everything we could for my younger brother Nate.

11 responses to “On the way to the Way

  1. Arlene, you’ll be landing in a country, Portugal, that will be celebrating their win in the Euro 2016 final – soccer. It’s a huge win, beating France in Paris, and everyone will be crazy for days! It will be noisy!! Safe travels.


  2. Taking your grand daughter will be an experience of a lifetime for her and for you Arlene!…. what an amazing gift you are giving her. How old is she? Have a fun time and I will be awaiting your posts on the journey


  3. Awwww!!!! how sweet! It is good to hear Kayla’s thoughts as well!


  4. Nancy Johnson Martinez

    Off to a great adventure..Can’t wait to follow your camino..


  5. Arlene
    Off to a good start and really hoping Kayla keeps adding her thoughts. Good for my 15 year old grand daughter to get a teenager’s perspective of the Camino. We hope to join you next year.


  6. I look forward to reading about your adventures along the Portuguese way; wondering how different it is from the Frances. Buen Camino!


  7. So proud of you KAY!!!! Hope you keep having a great time and treasure ALL of it! Arlene hoping you have an amazing trip as well! Xoxo


  8. A great start to a great adventure 🙂
    I too spent times at that airport in 2014 … much better than the other 3 closer to NYC!


  9. Arlene, Johnny Walker is in Portugal as I type. The Euro cup win has transformed the people living there so there will be many a fiesta while you walk. Enjoy!


  10. Judee Bradshaw

    New adventures for everyone! Good thing Portugal won football final! Here’s to good times ahead.


  11. Linda Hutchinson

    Let the good times roll. Enjoy K and Arlene.


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