Day 2 Vila do Conde to Esposende

Distance 16.6 miles/26.72 kilometers

Total Distance 31.62 miles/50.89

The morning started out beautiful with a walk through the quaint town of Vila do Conde out to the ocean front.  Similar to the day before we walked along the seaside for a nice distance.

We then turned inland a bit and walked on uneven granite cobblestone for what seemed to be an endless amount of time.  It was hot and it was tiring.  Oh how I hate cobblestones – I thought this route was completely along the coast on boardwalk or streets, but I was mistaken.

Today Kayla walked with the early group.  When we arrived at the hotel she and our other young group member were relaxing at poolside.

P.S. from Kayla

 Today I walked in the front of the group with the other boy my age. It was really fun. Once Quintin and I reached the hotel we put our bathing suits on and went swimming. It was cold at first but felt good on our aching muscles.

3 responses to “Day 2 Vila do Conde to Esposende

  1. Good to hear you’re finally underway and enjoying the walk! 🙂


  2. Judee Bradshaw

    Hoorah for hotels with pools! I hope Nana swam or at least got wet!


  3. Linda Hutchinson

    An oasis at the end of trail. Nice K. Love Gram


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