Day 3 – Esponsde to Viana do Castelo

Distance 17.04 miles/27.42 kilometers

Total Distance 48.66 miles/78.31 kilometers

It was another long day, but we enjoyed every moment of it.  We walked through many small villages and spoke with almost everybody we saw.  The Portuguese people are so lovely and personable.

My Portuguese is quite limited but fortunately many Portuguese speak either English or French.  Yesterday I had a very short conversation with an older Portuguese lady in French.  Gail, Andrea and Kayla were walking with me and this lady told me that she though we were couragous for walking the Camino.  Yes that is us – Couragous Women!

We stopped often today.  We took off our boots and were able to soak our feet in a river.  We enjoyed the diversity of the walk, we walked through villages, on cobblestones, through deep wooded paths and over a very, very long bridge.

Yes a  couragous, exhausted group of pilgrims consisting of 7 women, two high school students, a former Major in the Queen’s Land Forces and a Catholic Priest from Brazil.  Tomorrow we will be joined by another pilgrim.

P.S. from Kayla –

Today was so gorgeously awesome.  We stopped at a river and soaked our feet in the “healing” waters. The water felt so good on our tired feet. We also walked on a dirt path through the very shady woods. Later on in the day we walked across a bridge that felt like it was 3 miles long. Once we crossed the bridge I can not tell you how happy we all were to finally see the hotel.

6 responses to “Day 3 – Esponsde to Viana do Castelo

  1. So Arlene, you got a chance to use your French. Grand! Sounded like a great day. I am jealous at this point. Continue to have a great walk.



  2. Nancy Johnson Martinez

    Sounds like a great time.. So happy you are walking with your granddaughter..Cool those tired feet off..


  3. Bom dia! Gorgeous photos! Enjoy reading your adventure. I’m trying to learn some Portuguese for our trip to Rio! Accent is so difficult!


  4. Beautiful


  5. Linda Hutchinson

    Sounds like you two are having a wonderful adventure. Message those feet ladies. Keep us posted. Love Gram


  6. Judee Bradshaw

    Walk on Courageous Comrades! Thanks for sharing.


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