5 of August – Xubia to Pontedeume

Today was cool in the morning but quickly warmed up to 80 F/25C.  The trail was half pavement and half natural trail through eucalyptis forests.  It rolled up and down hills, some of them slightly steep, and then along the beach of Pontedeume.

I crossed over several bridges today and in a few of the rivers I sighted schools of trout.  It was a lovely day to be walking the Camino.  Tomorrow morning promises a very steep climb straight out of the gate.

I walked  17km (forgive me but I have set my Garmin to report kms to me and I’m too tired to convert for you).  If you wish to find out the mileage 1 mile equals .62 km

I’m now going downstairs for dinner.  Yes, I am in hotels again should you be wondering 🙂





6 responses to “5 of August – Xubia to Pontedeume

  1. Oh Arlene! You’re photos are just beautiful. The scenery and water and beaches – just gorgeous. Are you seeing many other pilgrims?


  2. Nancy Martinez

    Beautiful pictures! Enjoy every step. Buen camino!! Nancy


  3. Is Pontedeume Beach o playa in the last photo?
    O another small beach town.
    Antonio , Toronto .


  4. I am imagining the excitement and independence of being “on the road again” solitary but sociable.
    – Clare


  5. Your magnificent photos tempt to share this camino with you ;)..
    Kisses my cousin.


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