The Pillow Arrives

Back in the hotel in Tui, I forgot to pack my pillow into my suitcase before I brought it to the van for transport to the next hotel.  When I arrived in Padron, I was horrified to realize my pillow was not in the suitcase.

Catarina our Translator/Van Driver telephoned the hotel in Tui to have it mailed to our hotel in  Santiago.  I was expecting it to be waiting for me in the hotel in Santiago.  It was not.  On Monday I was sure it would be delievered, it wasn’t.  The same was the case on Tuesday.  This morning I awakened again with a stiff neck and simply told myself to purchase another small down travel pillow when I return to the States.

I sat in the cafe on the corner for my usual morning cafes and tostada and saw the postman delivering mail to the cafe.  My heart skipped a beat, maybe he would have my pillow.

I cannot access the internet or send emails from the hotel, others don’t seem to have that problem, but my tablet and phone are simply not compatible with the hotel’s wifi.  Until Bill suggested I try the cafe, I was cut  off from the world and was feeling very isolated.

I now go to the cafe for breakfast, afternoon cafe and I might even try to stop by during the early evening to check my email.  I write my emails from the hotel and save them as drafts.  I do the same for the blog.  I then send the email and post the blog the next morning when I have my cafe.

Today when I returned to the hotel, the hotelier informed me I had a package in my room.  I bounded up the stairs and anxiously opened the door to my room. 

There it was, a package lying on my bed.  I knew it was my pillow.  I quickly opened the package and recorded the moment with my camera. 


It is amazing how happy I am now that my pillow has been returned to me.  The Camino has given me what I need, as well as what I’ve wanted! Gracias!!!

12 responses to “The Pillow Arrives


    so glad u have been re=united with your pillow!


  2. I know the love of a good down pillow. Last year on the way to our annual Bali volunteer trip I lost mine. It had slid down between the seat and window and I was so exhausted when we got there I was a little careless. I reported it to the airlines. I still think about that darn pillow! Glad you got yours back! Did you buy yours from a special source, maybe I will order one.


    • Kat, I believe I purchased my small down pillow from a Canadian online company called mountain equipment company or
      I love it, small enough to fit in the suitcase or backpack but comfy enough gor a good deep sleep


  3. Isn’t it interesting, how little things can make such a big difference. I am happy for you to be reunited with your pillow. I fully understand this, when something works, no use re-inventing the ‘wheel’.

    Not sure when you are travelling back to the USA. Wondering how your search for a CR in Galicia is shaping up.

    My friend Tracy is still with her new grand daughter, will be back at the little fox house by June. Maybe when you get back to the Camino in August (if memory serves me correct) you might take a few days and spend with her.

    Light and Love Ingrid


    • Hi Ingrid,
      I’m traveling back home on the first of the week. I will be back in Galicia in August. I hope to visit the coast at that time. I should be able to meet Tracy at that time.


  4. Arlene,
    I was thinking about September and how I will do without my down pillow! It’s a close tie between my husband and my pillow!!:-)
    Glad you were reunited!
    Have enjoyed your blog so much!


  5. La almohada que no se pierde es tu amiga! Ja! Arlene, come back home safe and sound.




  6. I’m very pleased for you Arlene. It’ll make the world of difference. I took two pillows on the Camino. 🙂


  7. Nice to have a simple ‘comfort of home’ along the way that makes you relax and sleep well without a stiff neck. Sounds like you have made some amazing friends along your journey ……………………and continue to make more and more with each new adventure!


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