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Pelerin – L’amour est dans chacun de tes pas

Pilgrim – Love is in your every step!

Oh, how I Iove the Camino.  I love the freedom that it affords me.  Freedom from the daily tasks I am tied to.  The Camino allows me to experience the simplicity of life.  The Camino brings me so much peace, so much tranquility.

Oh, yes it is hard.  Sometimes there are hills that appear to be mountains.  Sometimes the weather is too hot.  Sometimes the weather is too cold.  Sometimes too wet, but most of the time everything is just right!

I love the time the Camino gives me.  I love how the Camino forces me to look inside and analyze who I am.  Sometimes the Camino shows me an Arlene I don’t much like.  And then sometimes the Camino shows me an Arlene who is very kind and compassionate.

I love the challenges the Camino brings to me.

I was sure I wanted to move to Galicia and open a Casa for Pilgrims here.  Now, after a week in rainy Santiago, I am not sure.

My cousin, Gerard, who lives in France, suggests Aix en Provence as a place for me to move and establish a Casa.  Aix en Provence is on the Arles Route to Santiago.  It is in the south of France, in Provence.  I will speak with Gerard when I return home.

The French  countryside has always been my dream and Provence would be a fairytale come true.

But somehow the Camino and Galicia seemed to be calling me.  Yes, calling me until this week that I spent in Santiago, when everyday it rained.  Every day except the last day I am spending here.

I will be returning to Galicia in August of this year.  I then will be walking the Caminos Ingles, Finisterre and Muxia.  I will see if the call of Galicia is still strong at that time



It seems like a Camino Arles will be in the planning stages for 2015.