Casa Monolo – Oh No!

I was hungry even after my wonderful lunch with Marie the Basque. 

I wanted a bowl of Calďo  Gallego, so I set out from the hotel up the Rua towards the Cathedral.  Not even one block from the hotel, is a restaurant –  Casa Monolo is its name. 

I went inside.  I was the first patron arriving for the evening.  I chose a table towards the back of the restaurant and ordered a bottle of vino blanco while I contemplated the menu.

I did notice many tables  pushed together by the window, but paid no attention.  Cafes   in  France are all arranged this way.   I ordered the menu del dia.   Caldo Gallego, Roasted chicken  and some of the Padron Peppers that I so love. 

Immediately after I placed my order, the restaurant began to fill up.   The table by the window was filled with many local families that each  seemed to include multiple young children.  The restaurant filled with quite the cacaphony of voices of all ages.


I just wanted to eat my dinner and was now sorry I was tempted into ordering more than just the caldo.

Three  forkfuls into  the chicken  and the proprietor of the Casa Monolo (I suppose it was Monolo himself) turned on the futbol game.  Delightful!  An added layer to the cacaphony.


The next thing I see is one of the parents performing futbol moves to entertain  the children as well as the other patrons of the restaurant.

I collected my jacket and went to the bar to pay for my dinner.   

I think the food was good, the wine was fine, the Padron Peppers devine but all I can remember was the sound surrounding me.

4 responses to “Casa Monolo – Oh No!

  1. I see your comments first hand since I follow Arlene also. Thanks for the well wishes.


  2. Sorry you had such a bad experience Arlene. I had recommended this restaurant to Steve. The hotel we stayed in last September said it was good. We were never able to get a table – always packed, so can’t attest to the food. Generally lines mean good food but in this case it meant sports screens!!!


  3. PS. I live in an area near Seattle where all the little towns run together and make it just one big noisy area. I’m used to noise but when I walked the Camino one got used to no noise. Very few cars out in the countryside of Spain and some freeways had very few cars. So after six weeks of walking the noise of cars and people were heightened when we went to the south of Spain to “chill out” after the walk. Getting back to the everyday clutter in your brain and noise of everyday happenings is hard at first – you notice all the little things you never thought about before!


  4. After such a long path of quietness, I imagine the noise of people and tv sports is a bit hard to take………….you will have to be re programed into human noise and life………..but, perhaps its all much nicer in the quiet of your own thoughts and mind right!


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