A Very Long Walk Through Galicia

Today’s trek towards Santiago de Compostela took us through wooded paths and quaint country roads.

It was cloudy and at times there was mist in the air.


Galicia is magical! The forest has the most wonderful scent of the loamy earth and lush foliage. Walking along, the sound of rushing waters is never far away.

Another beautiful part of Galicia is the simple life. It is not uncommon to see farm animals while walking through the little villages.

Today I saw my very first pig in the yard of a simple house.


I also saw a yard full of cockrell, or as we folks from the States know them, roosters.


And of course a horse or two.


And some sheep and lambs.


Today being Good Friday, I felt sad thinking of all the years my Easter Sunday meal was lamb.

Tomorrow I will arrive in Santiago de Compostela. So far rain has not been a problem. Every day has been sunny and warm except for today which was delightful despite the mist in the air.

I am hoping the Galician rain stays away for another day!

12 responses to “A Very Long Walk Through Galicia

  1. beautiful!


  2. Love your pics! Steve will too!


  3. Great photography. Can’t believe you are almost in Santiago!


  4. This post soothed me, Arlene. Thank you for sharing. Julie


  5. Not that I want to rain on your parade/walk, Arlene, but part of the reason that Galicia is so lush, of course is that it rains a lot!! 🙂 Still, I can definitely understand that you’d want that rain to stay away until you’ve actually made it to Santiago and my hope certainly is that for all of you. Enjoy these last few miles of walking and all of what Santiago can offer you. Love and Camino blessings, Britta


  6. Beautiful photos Arlene. Take joy in every step to Santiago and enjoy the Easter celebrations there.
    Every best wish to all in the group.
    Jenny x


  7. what fuderfull camino my cousin ! Kisses.


  8. How special to hear the sound of little waterfalls as you go along your trek…Galicia looks very pretty, very down to earth……..So many who comment seem to know of where you are because they too have walked ……your stamina and drive leaves me breathless Arlene not only for the miles and weather you meet up with but for the courage to do this = alone, yet meeting so many apparently wonderful beings along the way!


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