Grapevine Contemplation

Today I strolled through the Galician countryside. As has been my focus for most of this trip, I contemplated the growth of the infantile clusters of grapes.

I am fixated on the development of the glorious fruit of the vine. 



How long do the grapes take to mature? That question is easy for me to answer. Conventional wisdom, as well as my previous Caminos in Autumn, tell me the grapes are harvested in late September and October.

How long after harvest does the wine making process begin?

How long must the wine ferment before maturity?

Does the vineyard owner vint his own grapes?

Or does he sell the grapes to another wine producer?


As I take a rest, I remember the famous grape stomping episode of “I Love Lucy”. I imagine myself stomping the grapes in a big vat with a very stout Spanish lady.

Hmmm, I must enroll in a wine making course.

Does the University of Arizona have such courses?

9 responses to “Grapevine Contemplation

  1. You should stomp the grapes with a stout Spanish hombre. 🙂


  2. Well, Arlene, I don’t know about U of A, but Yavapai College in Prescott offers a viticulture curriculum! I can visualize the grape stomping! Can I help? I’ve got small, but strong feet! Hugs. Julie


  3. Oh Julie I have bigger feet, I can stomp a lot! I remember that episode of I Love Lucy. Hilarious! I can just see Arlene out ther in her Casa Rural/vineyard stomping grapes in the backyard. Great post Arlene. Love the pics.


  4. Maybe a wonderful pastime when you move to Galicia! I do Love Lucy! haha


  5. It’s amazing how enduring the Lucy shows are! Can you imagine her on the Camino?
    – Clare


  6. Fabulous post Arlene and terrific replies everyone.
    Re Lucy on the Camino – what a hilarious thought! Can you imagine her taking every wrong turn possible? I can!


  7. Well I hope our children’s children also will know instantly who ‘Lucy’ is!! 😉 What a great occupation or hobby to aspire to, Arlene. I’ll wait to hear when it happens & how you & your feet take to it!


  8. I too remember that great I Love Lucy episode and remember the chocolate factory one………………….You look great in the picture relaxing and resting along the way………who knew that the girl I walked home from Calhoun with would accomplish and enjoy a task as big as this!


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