Day 2 – Vila do Conde to Barcelos

Today was a long walk 19.25 miles.  The walk was hard, mostly along narrow heavilly traveled roads. 


The Portugues Camino so far is not very well signed,  the yellow arrows are not easy to cfind – sometimes they are so faded they are not even seen.  At one point a shopkeeper pointed the way because I must have looked like a lost soul.  I could not find a yellow arrow anywhere and I was at an intersection. 

Today was hard on the feet and I will admit I did not walk the entire 19.25 miles.  I was driven to the hotel in Barcelos where I soaked my feet in nice cold water.

I will have a wonderful chicken dinner tonight in one of the local restaurants.  Barcelos is know  for its cockerel.  There is a similiar story here in Portugal as is in Santo Domingo de Calzada on  the Camino Frances in Spain. In fact the symbol of the brightly painted cockerel is the national symbol of Portugal.

15 responses to “Day 2 – Vila do Conde to Barcelos

  1. Ouch, sounds like the was some rough terrain for walking. Hang in there! Tomorrow is another day. Hopefully, you will deal with less traffic. If not, soak those tootsies and as the cow says “Eat more chick’n!” With you in spirit! Julie


  2. Yes, Julie I’m counting on tomorrow being a better day


  3. Yes you are in THE town of this symbol Arlène, My woman is Portugues and we have visited this little town many years ago 😉


    • Cousin, this is very nice, but as you know I am partial to France. We shall speak when I return to the States. Marie from Basque country France has offered to help me find a home on the Camino Frances. I think I might like the Le Puy Camino through France also. Marie is with me here in Portugal now.


      • hey cousin, if you come in France, come near me (Aix en Provence). It’s a very nice region with sun and not so far to Mediterannée (50km). 😉


  4. I wanna be you! ;-)! I’m already seeing this through your writing. I am so enjoying it! Walk on, Sister, walk on!!!!


  5. Bonnye,
    I’m glad you are along for the walk! Bom Caminho Sister, bom Caminho! ! And I’ll have a glass of vinho verde for you.


  6. Hi Arlene – I hope that these sort of busy trafficked stretches will be at a minimum from now on. Not enjoyable – the noise and the pollution just for starters.
    The news of the chicken dinner has me salivating! Yum! I hope it was absolutely delicious!
    Take joy in every step –
    Jenny x


  7. It sounds like it was a good idea to do the training you did. No leisurely stroll here, it seems! I imagine that you are really enjoying the dinners after those long days.
    – Clare


  8. … and even after a hard day’s walk you managed to do this blog. I’m impressed! You rock my friend 🙂 Britta


  9. A long and grueling walk and to have done even several miles is an achievement ! I am sure you will continue with some points being much better than others, but you persevere! I give you such credit for doing this, to me it is amazing -and yes, if there is a Camino thru France, that will be your next journey!!


  10. Hello, what do you think is it worth taking a taxi from Vila do Conde to Barcelos, to avoid those roads and the lack of places to see on that day? Thanks


  11. Today I did the walk from matoshinos to vila de conde. After the bridge I didn’t see the 2nd arrow and went wrong and was going towards maia. That would have been a disaster. I turned back and found the 2nd arrow and walked te Coast. It was absolutely lovely. My feet are asking though. I hopped into the bath and stayed there at least an hr. On to barcelos tomorrow.


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