Day 32 – Melide to Arzua

Tick off another 8.85 miles/14.3 kms from the total mileage I will have walked by the time I reach the end of the earth. Only 43.75 miles/70.82 kms left to traverse (if you believe what is written).

That is, of course, developing calculations using a combination of Brierley’s Guide, Village to Village and the Michelin maps, none of which report the same distance per stage. Then I add in the actual mileage reported by my Garmin GPS watch which doesn’t match any of the guidebooks and it becomes evident the Camino stretches and/or shrinks the distance of each and every stage. Well shrinks is a bit of optimistic foresight since that has not yet happened.

Today started off in the dawn hours. For some unknown reason, I was up, dressed and having breakfast by 7:30. The sunrise was not spectacular but it was pretty just the same.


Much of the walk today was through primal forest weaving my way up and down steep hills. There were several stone bridges to cross, but thankfully nothing treacherous for my knee.


Finally after 4 hours and 30 minutes, I arrived at my hotel in Arzua, just before the rain began falling.

8 responses to “Day 32 – Melide to Arzua

  1. Only 2 days away. I year ago, (18), I had made it till Boente and had resigned myself to the fact that I was not going to make it to Santiago by my birthday, but the Camino had other things in mind. By that time I was already walking with Stuart, my archangel, and on the 19, somehow, together we managed to walk all the way to Arco. Then I knew I would make it into Santiago on the 20, my birthday. Looks like you will be in Santiago the same day. How wonderful. Please hug the Saint for me peregrina, abrazos y besitos Ingrid


  2. Beautiful photos, Arlene. You are so close now. Enjoy the rest of your Camino. Julie


  3. I have really been enjoying this journey Arlene!!!!!


  4. Glad to hear you beat the rain and your knee was not too troublesome!!!!


  5. Thanks for the updates. Its been a real treat.
    God Bless!


  6. Arlene – so close now. And the weather looks so threatening! Beautiful photos once again.



  7. Arlene, how wonderful that those stones were placed for that crossing. I remember it so clearly. I hope the rain is not bothering you too much and you reach SdC soon. I leave early Monday.
    Anne ☀️ ☀️


  8. So close to journey you will not soon forget…………….beautiful pictures too!


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