Day 33 – Arzua to O Pedrouzo

Another rain filled day in Galicia. I started out with cafe con leche, zumo and some over toasted toast in the cafe next to the pension I stayed in last night.

No sooner did I get my pack on my back then I had to remove it to get my Altus poncho on. Somehow I thought wearing my gators would guarantee a rain free day – not!


The hike was full of rain sometimes very heavy all the way to O Pedrouzo.  I stopped for cafe twice today. Both times the places were packed with wet peregrinos.


Since Sarria, the Camino has become quite crowded. Pilgrims are only required to walk the last 62 miles/100 kms to receive a Compostela, and apparently many do just that.

At this point, after having walked for 33 days I wonder which group is wiser. My left knee is messed up, my right foot is bothering me and my pace has dropped to that of a snail.

But I will say one thing – I walked every inch of the way. And of that I am extremely proud.

I was taxied once to go off Camino to visit the Yuso and Suso Monestaries and then again a few days ago from Palas de Rei back to my casa rural for the night (the casa in Ligonde where I was the only guest) and then back to Palas de Rei in the morning.

Tomorrow I will arrive in Santiago de Compostela. I will spend a few days in the Parador there and then decide if I will continue as I had originally planned to Finisterre and Muxia. 

Today my Garmin GPS showed that I walked 14.5 miles/23.5 kms in 6 hours and 50 minutes.



9 responses to “Day 33 – Arzua to O Pedrouzo

  1. Arlene,
    You should be very proud! You are amazing, almost there. What a great feeling of accomplishment you must be feeling. The journey has just begun:) Take care, hope to see you soon! Been VERY busy, miss you!
    Safe and adventurous travels,
    XO Tami and Ed


  2. Arlene, you have certainly been challenged by the elements, but you are nearly there. Just a few more kilometres until you burst into Obradeiro Praza. What joy that will be for you.
    Enjoy this last day.


  3. Enjoy your last day of walking to Santiago. For me, it was much more emotional than I could have imagined. I had a very strong sense of all the souls who had walked the way before me pushing along and carrying me with them. Follow your heart regarding continuing the walk or opting for the bus to Fisterre and Muxia. That said, without planning to do so, I found myself on the camino to Fisterre the morning after arriving in Santiago. I found the path very beautiful and quiet with very few other peregrinos (late July 2012). The walks each day were quite long and I did opt to take a taxi as far as Cee on the last day to avoid a long, steep downhill section which would have aggravated my tendonitis. After arriving in Fisterre and spending a day there, I was finally ready to enjoy the hustle and bustle of Santiago for a few days. Buen camino! Teresa


  4. Congrats, Arlene! You are a trooper! You go, girl! You’re almost there! Stay dry, and as you already know it just takes one step at a time to reach your goal no matter how long your strides or how fast you go!



  5. congratulations arlene, you can be proud of you, take a good rest in santiago and then keep going to muxia and finisterra, even if you have to take the bus , it is one of the hight points iof the camino, la cerise sur le gateau as we say in french, a big cherry on the cake.


  6. Arlene, So proud of you – congratulations and yes, do treat yourself at the Parador – such a reward – see you in Tucson soon!


  7. All the best for your last day tomorrow Arlene – hopefully you will get fine weather for the entrance into Santiago. Peter


  8. Glad to see that you’re going to make it, you have every right to be proud. Enjoy the last day of your walk


  9. Elizabeth Marshall

    You should be proud. You have accomplished much.

    Heck, I am proud of you too!

    I look forward to our talk when you get home to hear your stories.

    Be safe.



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