Day 28 – Triacastela to Sarria, Monday 14 October

Yesterday I finally gave in and bought a knee support at the farmacia. My knee has been giving me pain since the Cruz de Ferro. I ice it when the day is through but the pain is persistent.

Today I wore the knee support for the entire trek. Although the knee still hurts and I am icing it as I blog, I believe the support helped with the many rocky ups and downs today.

Being from the United States, I have trouble with understanding temperatures not reported in Fahrenheit.  I thought I had this problem licked by  using the weather app on my tablet. But it proved to give a false temperature forecast. The app said the temp was currently 48○ and would only get up to the mid 50○ mark.

I dressed with long janes under my hiking pants, a short sleeve merino wool, a long sleeve merino wool, a hiking shirt, a fleece vest, a buff around my neck, my baseball cap and gloves on my hands.

Within one mile/less than 2 kms, I had worked up quite the sweat. Now I had to find a place off path to remove most of my clothing. Thankfully this tree came into view and I was able to sneak around it to disrobe.


Only problem was it had poured down rain last night, everything was muddy. Well there I stood, my boots off, socks on some wet grass, the backpack off and in the mud trying to maintain my balance while removing the pants and long janes. Once that was accomplished,  I had no problem removing all my shirts. Everything went into the pack and after lacing up the boots, I was on my way simply wearing my trousers and the short sleeve merino shirt. So much for the weather app.

The hike was through some mystical looking forested areas as well as villages requiring cow plops hopping. Oh, the smell of the country!


I hiked 12 miles/20 kms in a very slow 5 1/2 hours. The last part into Sarria was hard and long for me today.




10 responses to “Day 28 – Triacastela to Sarria, Monday 14 October

  1. Your clothes change tree reminds me of the apple throwing trees from the Wizard of Oz!! Sorry to hear your knee is giving you trouble.


  2. How much further, my SHERO????


  3. @Bonnye At the end of day 28, I had about 68 miles to Santiago. Should reach there by Sunday and after that onto Finisterre and Muxia on the sea.


  4. Arlene, welcome to the knee club!

    In all seriousness, I hope it’s only a transitory thing, and not something which is going to give you long term trouble.

    Beautiful pictures of the track again – especially the tree, and those steps.



  5. Bill,

    I too hope it’s transitory. It’s the damn knee I had ACL reconstruction surgery on back in 2003. But I am keeping positive thoughts.
    Problem is the excessive mileage and the rocky uphills and downhills. A Camino lesson, I’m sure! But I want hotels not albergues so I’m paying the price.



  6. Hi Arlene –
    Gorgeous photos – the one of the fallen leaves is particularly beautiful.
    Sorry to hear that your knee is causing problems – be a Camino snail – slowly slowly. This part of the Camino is so magical – I just love it.
    Take joy in every step –
    Jenny xo


  7. Dear Arlene, I’ve been away at an Ashram without contact with the outside world and am just now trying to catch up a bit. Reading this post put me right back on my journey and of course, I took a photo of that same tree – just loved it!! That part of the walk is so amazing, hard at times but such beauty – I too found the last of the walk into Sarria hard to deal with. Hope by the time you read this, you and your knee are much better and if not, I hope you can enjoy it anyway!! 🙂


  8. Elizabeth Marshall

    Hi Arlene,
    At least no one came upon you while you were changing.
    The tree looks like it has an open mouth. The pictures you’ve been sending are great. Thanks!

    Good to hear that you are still trekking forward.

    Can’t wait to read the rest of your blogs.



  9. Sneaking behind a tree to undress LOL………… too funny and no one spied, or that you know of…we may see some pictures of that on FB or wherever LOL. You’re doing such an amazing job…………. you’re almost there!


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