Day 24 – Molinesca to Cacabelos

This morning started out with a trek from Molinesca to Ponferetta. I did come across a flock of sheep next to the road that were bleating loudly, I guess they were as impatient for their breakfast as I was for mine.


She reminded me of Shari Lewis' Lamb Chop

I was looking forward to touring the Templar castle. I arrived outside the castle after 10 am and the castle was not yet open.


Rather than hang around, I continued on my way. The walk today was relatively flat with nothing noteworthy. I snapped very few pictures but did spend some time petting a cat that was sitting on the trunk of a parked car.


I stumbled into my hotel in time to leave my pack and go next door to the bar for lunch and some well needed vino tinto.


Ensalada mixta


Croquettes and Padron peppers

Today I walked 14.7 miles/23.5 kms in 4 hours and 54 minutes without c lo ounting time for stops.

3 responses to “Day 24 – Molinesca to Cacabelos

  1. Arlene – that’s a fair clip you’re going mate!

    You must be really getting into the swing of it. And that shot of those green peppers – yummy!!


  2. Totally remember Sheri Lewis and Lamb Chop 😊


  3. I too think that lamb looks alot like little Lamb Chop………..are you mostly walking alone or with someone or perhaps at different spots you catch up with people……….


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