Day 25 – Cacabelos to La Portella de Valcarce

My morning started off with orange juice, toast and cafe con leche. Then off for the trail. Not the most beautiful sunrise but today’s sunrise.


Life on Camino is so simplified.  Eat, walk, cafe con leche, walk, bathe, menu del dia and sleep. Oops can’t forget the vino tinto! Then repeat again.

Today I took the shorter, low road; the road not recommended by the guidebook. But I thoroughly enjoyed walking the flatter route. All along the side of the road a river flowed.


The sound of water flowing is always very comforting to me. I’ve been told water awakens my creative spirit, surely today I’ve been dreaming  of painting.



When I passed through a village there were always cats to watch and enjoy.



Today was a good day. I walked 13.88 miles/22.4 kms in about 7.5 hours including stops.

2 responses to “Day 25 – Cacabelos to La Portella de Valcarce

  1. Oh Arlene, these scenes are beautiful ! The first picture of the winding path and metal gates and rocks was something out of a dream – I thought immediately, how nice it would be to paint that!…maybe you could. In any case, it would be a beautiful picture also on your wall as a remembrance of a spectacular time. Can’t imagine walking 13 miles………….. you are totally awesome Arlene and amaze me with each day of your journey! After such walks and a glass or two of vino, I imagine you sleep really well!……….enjoy your next steps!


  2. Hi Arlene, your posts just make me want to get back there!
    Love that last shot of the cat.
    I get the sense you’re having a soul awakening time…



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