Day 17. – Mansillas de las Mulas to Leon

It was a long slog through the last of the meseta, raining on and off all day long. The walk into Leon was on hard pavement, just like all the other cities along the Way.

I walked 12.57 miles/19.7 kms in 5 hours and 15 minutes.

But this is my reward! Two nights of self indulgence!!

8 responses to “Day 17. – Mansillas de las Mulas to Leon

  1. You deserve it Arlene! It sounds like the walk has been tough these last couple of days – but what a lovely city to put your heels up!


  2. Arlene:
    I’ve been enjoying your daily posts from the route that I walked/cycled in August. You may recall that I paused my camino in Mansillas de las Mulas so you are now in uncharted territory for me. It sounds like you are moving well along the path and I pray that will continue regardless of weather.


  3. Enjoy Leon! Maybe the Parador is calling your name…


  4. Hi Arlene – enjoy beautiful Leon! There’s a cafe diagonally opposite the cathedral, on the corner of a small lane, which has THE BEST HOT CHOCOLATE IN THE WORLD ! They have a sign in the window along these lines, and wow, it did not disappoint !!! Lovely cakes, cookies and pastries too! Enjoy! Jenny xo


  5. Enjoy Leon Arlene, two days to enjoy the beautiful city. Peter


  6. Arlene, enjoy Leon. Gorgeous city. Hope the sun shines for you.
    Anne 🐌


  7. Have a fabulous rest, Arlene! That hot chocolate sounds like a worthy stop. Walk safely, and to a different drummer. Buen Camino! Julie


  8. A rest and sightseeing is a great idea and well needed and deserved by one who has accomplished as much as you have!


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