Day 16 – El Burgo Ranero to Mansillas de las Mules

My day started out with an enormous breakfast. Usually the tortilla Espana is cut into a slice no larger than 2 inches, so I ordered tortilla and jamon as well as orange juice and cafe con leche.

The tortilla slice came to the table as 1/4 of the entire tortilla and the jamon was 2 thick slices of bread with jamon. I did my best, but was unable to eat it all.


The walk to Mansillas de las Mulas began quite pleasant. The sunrise was nice albeit not spectacular.



For most of the morning there were threatening clouds in view, but the rain only came for a short time before the town of Reliegos, which was my rest stop for the day.


I walked into Mansillas and found the hostal I had booked. The hot shower was fabulous! The menu del dia was the worst meal I have had on Camino – greasy rice with funky meat of some sort as the first course and some lukewarm meatballs for the second course. Very disappointing!

Today’s hike was 12.57 miles/19.7 kms done in 5 hours and 15 minutes from start to stop

4 responses to “Day 16 – El Burgo Ranero to Mansillas de las Mules

  1. Lovely photos once again Arlene – keeping the horizontals wide and the sky prominent

    And who’d the dinner may have been disappointing, the breakfast probably compensated!



  2. at least the OJ looked good..the WAY will provide for you tomorrow I am wishes les


  3. Drove thru Phoenix today and thought of you. Had you been there we could have met. Buen Camino


  4. Most interesting posts,,, and pics!


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