Day 15 – Sahagun to El Burgo Ranero -A Conversation with the Camino

Today it rained in torrents! 

Camino: “So Arlene you like walking in the rain?”

Arlene: “Yes, it is quite lovely, it is quiet and peaceful, allowing me time to reflect.”

Some time passes and the rain continues. Now the Camino threw in some wind. But that was fine because I was kitted with a very fashionable Altus poncho. My pants legs were getting wet and I was beginning to feel warm.

Camino: “Are you still enjoying the walk in the rain?”

Arlene: “Yes, it is still glorious. You know I am thankful for my Gore Tex Salomon hiking boots. My feet are dry and warm.”

Camino: “Hmmm, well good for you!”

And the rains continued. And the puddles became deeper. And the socks were now squishing with every step.


It turned out to be an 11.87 mile/19 km slog into the town of El Burgo Ranero completed in 5 hours and 25 minutes including a stop for cafe con leche.

The proprietor of the Hostal El Peregrino showed me to my room and then served me a delicious bowl of soup.

I’m hoping for a rain free day tomorrow.

5 responses to “Day 15 – Sahagun to El Burgo Ranero -A Conversation with the Camino

  1. I’m so loving your journal. How much further do you have?


  2. I would think, if the weather was warm enough, it would be a good time to reflect on everything, even the mere fact that your boots are warm and keeping you dry……………..Life here makes us unable to concentrate on the ‘important things’ in life sometimes………..we are too distracted by things we think are important…………this walk will, I believe, give you a new perspective on life and our plant and all it means!


  3. Why would you hope for a rain free day when you enjoy the rain so much? I used to hope for rain free days till I finally gave up. BuenCamino, Steve


  4. Arlene, are you connecting with your inner duck? Must be the influence of those animals who will benefit from your walk. I bet that soup hit the spot! Julie


  5. I have friends who started about 4-5 days ago in Burgos and spent last night in Leon…it has rained every day for them. Gotta love the rain gear!!! BTW – love the Camino conversation!!!


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