Day 12 – Hotel San Zoilo

I won’t deny it, I’m a spoiled brat.

This hotel was too nice to leave on this rainy Saturday morning. And the bath, did I mention the bath in yesterday’s post?

The breakfast, that was what sealed my fate, I just had to book another night. Now I’m imagining how delicious dinner will be.

I wandered around the monestary after breakfast and when the rain stopped, I strolled around the grounds.

I am pleased with my decision to stay for the day. I’ve booked reservations for the next 4 days.

The Camino has taught me to take care of my accommodations in advance and to not leave them to chance.




6 responses to “Day 12 – Hotel San Zoilo

  1. Arlene, continue to look after your accommodation. There are many COMPLETO signs. I have started to book ahead for some places. Hotel Real Colegiato San Isodoro in Leon is very special.
    Loving your updates. Go gently.
    Anne 🐌


  2. Jill and I loved that place and the roasted baby lamb was our best meal. Steve


  3. Arlene, it sounds fabulous!!

    Give us more info re dinners and breakfasts!

    And what a great thing to do, just to stop for an extra night!






  5. I loved San Zoilo monastery! A great mattress… bath and restaurant… they had a delicious Orujo! Also, had beers there earlier with some of the best croquettes on the Camino. I thought, if I were a fashion editor… this would be a great place for a shoot! Those poplar trees! It was the only place on the Camino that it rained.
    I agree with Anne. Hotel Real Colegiata Leon, is the place to stay and eat in Leon. I found it, reserved a table for lunch… beautiful and fantastic 17Euro treat… recommended it to my girlfriend, Nancy who stayed two nights, and it was the high point of her trip to Spain.
    In Astorga, Casa de Tepa, is very beautiful… Juan, the innkeeper, I think you’d enjoy. Also, the best breakfast spread on the Camino. Serrano Restaurant, is tops in Astorga… otherwise, Hotel Gaudi… try to get a room overlooking the plaza! Cheers!


  6. This isn’t a race, so its important to stop and smell the roses, along with enjoying a good bath and great food and vino!


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