Day 13 – Carrion de los Condes to Sahagun

After a fulfilling breakfast I bid adieu to the Monestary San Zoilo. By the time I walked to the entrance of the Monastery,  it began to rain.

I took an extra day yesterday using the weather as an excuse but the Camino decided to teach me the lesson of my inability to control everything in my life. So I pulled my Altus poncho out of my pack, struggled to get it on over my backpack, and began my trek.

Walking in the rain was quite pleasant, I really enjoyed it.




After a while the rain stopped but the wind began. I walked along the Spanish plains for what seemed the longest distance until I reached a small village with a bar so I could have a meal.


Patata y Chorizo Sopa


Pollo y Papas Frites

My original plan was to call for a taxi at this point to take me to Sahagun but I still felt good so I decided to keep on walking to the next village.

The next village appeared after quite some time, I was exhausted when I entered the bar to get some orange juice and have the barkeeper call a taxi for me.

The Camino was still teaching me that same lesson, nobody was answering the phone for the taxi service. I decided to walk on to the next village.

Finally in the next village, only 9 kms, about 5.5 miles from from Sahagun, the hospitalerio in one of the albergues was successful in getting me a cab.

Today’s walk was a total of 17.51 miles/28 kms in a total of 8 hours 24 minutes including stops.

7 responses to “Day 13 – Carrion de los Condes to Sahagun

  1. Big day today Arlene – but the countryside looks spectacularly beautiful.

    And so does the food!!

    I hope you have a lovely place to stay in Sahagun.



  2. I’m missing all this stuff, big time! Great foodie fotos, Arlene! Yum!


  3. To me, that was a long walk. Maybe punishment for saying walking in the rain was pleasant. It first rained on us on the way to Roncesvalle. I sang Singing in the Rain to Jill. Two weeks of rain and snow later, i was no longer singing. 😦


  4. My goodness that was quite the trek. Pace yourself, oh do what your body tells you do. Which it sounds like you are:) Keep up the pace and you will be back in no time! Proud of you. Business is getting VERY busy:) Finally, made a little fall trip. xo Tami


  5. Hi Arlene –
    A big day – absolutely! I hope that the weather has cleared up for you and that you are now walking in cool temperatures with just the lightest caress of a breeze to keep you company!
    The soup and chicken look amazing! I can taste them from Sydney!
    Jenny xo


  6. Arlene, Love your pics and blog. Sure you enjoyed walking in the rain. What a smile!!! Nancy


  7. Nice song, “walking in the rain” but walking for miles and miles and miles, maybe not so much!! You are such a trooper, I can’t believe you are doing this and enjoy it! You amaze me Arlene!


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