Day 11 – Castrojeriz to Carrion de los Condes

The morning started out with a flat trail but quickly turned uphill in what seemed the steepness of the Pyrenees.  The climb ended and then it was flat for a very short time only to be replaced by a steep paved downhill.

But then thankfully, the path was lovely over the meseta, but extremely windy. I walked and walked and then walked some more.

I had planned on staying in Fromista, but had not made a reservation for the night. When I arrived in Boadilla del Camino I felt beat up. The only casa rural in town was completo, as were the albergues.

Fromista was also booked solid when the owner of the bar called around for me.

I taxied to Carrion de los Condes and got a mini suite in the monestary.  Now, let me tell you something – this is the life! The mini suite was the only room left at the inn. Once again I must ask you, what is a woman to do?

I walked 12.62 miles/19.7 kms. My total time with stops was 5 hours 15 minutes.




4 responses to “Day 11 – Castrojeriz to Carrion de los Condes

  1. You are doing it the right way.


  2. What is a mini suite in a monastery like???

    And how much dies it cost? It sounds fabulous Arlene!



  3. Great shots today by the way. Very clean compositions.


  4. Bill,
    A mini suite is living/seating area, small dining area, separate skeeping quarters, mini bar. Basically a suite but smaller. Cost is a little over 100 euros per night.


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