Day 2 Ventosa to San Millan de Cogolla

I walked from Ventosa this morning into Najera. The distance was 10 kms/6.2 miles.

In Najera I got a taxi to take me the 30 kms/18.6 miles to San Millan.  Naturally when I arrived the Monastery was closed for siesta.

I had lunch, another bocadillo,  this time it was lomo (pork loin fried), queso (cheese) and pimentos with a cup of cafe con leche. Yummy!

I then walked in the village (in the absolute opposite direction) of my casa rurale. When I came to the end of the village, I realized I should be going in the other direction.

By the time I got to the casa rurale, checked in and tidied up a bit, it was time to walk back to the Monastery – siesta was over.

I toured Yuso Monastery and then back to the casa. All in all today I hiked 20 kms/12 miles.

There was a wonderful jetted bathtub in my room. I indulged!

2 responses to “Day 2 Ventosa to San Millan de Cogolla

  1. Keep on trucking. Happy trails. I don’t remember the names of most towns, or at least can’t identify them without the guidebook. Steve


  2. Sounds like a perfect day Arlene! A “jetted” bathtub? Wow!



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