Contemplating Water Color

I’m an early riser, always have been.  It is not unusual for me to be sitting at the table with a cup of coffee before the sun rises.  Being an artist, the quiet and peacefulness of early morning has always inspired me.  I sit and plan out my day, I dream of the next project I will create, or just reflect on the beauty around me.  It is truly amazing the inspiration that is born from truly ordinary sights and sounds.

This morning, the sunrise was unbelievably awesome.  So beautiful that it has inspired me to once again pick up my brush and water colors and start painting. 

 It has been so, so very long since I painted, I’ll bet it has been 40 years or so, wonder how much I have forgotten – or is it like riding a bike?   Only time will tell.

One response to “Contemplating Water Color

  1. Beautiful! It is very inspiring. Can not wait to see what you create.xo Tam


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