A New Beginning – Maybe It’s Springtime

A very dear friend had surgery yesterday.  She had a tumor on one of her ovaries; the surgery was to remove her tubes and ovaries and check for malignancy.  The surgery was performed and the pathological tests proved the tumor to be benign.  What wonderful news  for her, her family and for me, her friend.  Truly a new beginning for her!

My son arrived for his annual winter training on Monday night.  Mike comes every winter to get a jump-start on his training for the upcoming mountain biking season.  You can read his blog at http://www.rigidnsingle.blogspot.com/. I enjoy his company as well as his enthusiasm for his sport.  This is the beginning of a new season for Mike!

This morning when I awoke there were two mourning doves on the fountain in my back yard twitterpating.  (See the link below for a definition of being twitterpated.)

It is the end of January and I guess the mourning doves are preparing for Springtime.  Again, a new beginning for them!

Having Mike here has given me a renewed enthusiasm for my daily exercise.  I must confess that I had not been walking every day.  I’ve been a slacker since Christmas, but now I’m back out every morning.  A new beginning for me! 

I look at all the wonder happening around me and I am beginning to think of the year 2011 as my New Beginning.   I am hopeful!

One response to “A New Beginning – Maybe It’s Springtime

  1. I am hopeful too – for BOTH OF US!!!!! Love you sister-friend


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