Three Kings Day

Traditionally I take down and store all of the Christmas decorations on The Epiphany, or Three Kings Day, January 6th.  Since the weekend I have been listening to all my friends speak of de-Christmas-ing their homes.  I guess all this talk along with my friend, Judee offering her assistance spurred me into removing the decorations and trees a day early.

We began working in my home at 9 in the morning.  By noon we had removed and packed up all except the 7.5 foot tall white tree along with all its decorations.  We took a break and went to Judee’s house to finish up her de-Christmas-ing. 

Judee’s home was quite a bit simpler than mine since she had already removed all the lights and ornaments from her tree and had them already packed up.  We dragged her tree, which at this point was a very dry, crispy used-to-be live tree outside so we could get it out of the tree stand and into the trash barrel and packed away the remaining decorations.  After we got it all packed away and placed in the storage cabinets in her garage, we went back to my house for a bowl of homemade vegetable soup and to finish up the removal and storage of my tree.

By 4 in the afternoon, we had removed, packed and stored away all the evidence of the Christmas season in both of our houses. 

It’s great to have a friend who can help you with those dreaded tasks. Thank you Judee!

2 responses to “Three Kings Day

  1. i love the way you write Arlene!! Thanks for sharing.


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