A Change Is Gonna Come!

The MP3 player is playing a collection of all the albums cut by one of my favorite artists, John Boutte.   John is a singer from New Orleans whose style is a blend of jazz, soul, blues and gospel.   One of my favorite songs that John sings is “A Change Is Gonna Come”

It is December 28th and we are facing another New Year in just a few days.  I am praying for Change.  My home has been on the market since May, it is now listed with a different realtor and I am so hopeful for the sale.  Hey, who knows maybe with the blizzard that just hit the East Coast, people may finally decide to purchase a home in a warmer climate. 

It’s time to prepare the obligatory Resolution List.  So far, I have two resolutions.

 The first: 

I will be moving back to the East Coast by June of 2011

And the second: 

I will plan a vacation to Europe during the Christmas Season next year.  I will not spend another holiday season home alone; I will be spending the holidays, God willing, in Italy or France.

Until next post, I am wishing my followers a safe, healthy and most of all a wonder filled 2011!

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