Disappointments or Sadness for a Sunday Morning

My oldest son just got on the plane to return to New Jersey.  His trip was great, he won his first two races of the season while here.  As usual, my drive back home from the airport was clouded with tears.  I know it will be another year before I see him again.  Oh, sure I could visit Jersey, but such a trip never seems possible to coordinate.  I tried for a trip at the end of this month.  It became a comedy of errors, leaving me with about $1000 in cancelled airline tickets, sad feelings and several questions. 

First I planned to attend a wedding of my God-daughter on Long Island; I booked a one-way ticket into JFK Airport with another one-way ticket returning from Newark Liberty Airport two weeks later.  The original plan was to stay the first night with my only living Aunt and then with a life-long friend on the Eastern End of the Island, attend the wedding and then have my youngest son and his family pick me up and  stay with them for a couple of days before my return to Tucson.   

Well as is said, “The best laid plans of mice and men…”  The first snafu was after plans had been made and pick-up from the airport had been arranged, there suddenly wasn’t anybody to pick me up at JFK – I should either rent a car or make my way to my friend’s home via light rail and the Long Island Railroad.  Both of those options were unacceptable since my flight got me into New York at 6pm and it would take at least two hours by car on the Long Island Expressway (that’s without traffic) to drive to Calverton, and God only knows how long riding the rails would take only to leave me in Babylon,  still quite a distance from Calverton.  Okay, there must be a way, but now my friend is starting a new part-time job working five hours a day, five days a week.  It was beginning to look like I won’t be going to Long Island this go round.

The second snafu happens when I speak with my youngest son and ask if it is alright if I come to visit them for two weeks.  His reply is “absolutely”, I tell him to check with his wife to make sure it is okay and that I will wait until the following Tuesday to cancel my original one-way ticket and reschedule the flight to arrive in Newark.  I will be travelling back to New Jersey with my oldest son’s girlfriend, which is on a completely different airline than I had originally booked my flight – hence the need for another ticket, not just a change in flights.

Tuesday arrives and the youngest son hasn’t called, which to me means that a two-week stay is fine, after all that is how we left it in our phone conversation the previous weekend.  Oh, foolish me, I should have called him again, just to check for sure, but no, I went ahead and booked a completely new flight.  Well, big surprise – IT IS NOT OKAY!  Now is just not a good time to visit.  

Three cancelled airline tickets later – I am left with several unanswered questions – Do children (even when they are adults) believe their parents are void of feelings?  Do they not put any thought into the hurt they often inflict?  Or don’t they care?  And is God (or the Universe, if you choose) telling me to stay put for now?

2 responses to “Disappointments or Sadness for a Sunday Morning

  1. Patricia Beaulac

    Sorry to hear about all your cancelled flights. Air fare is expensive these days. I am down in Florida looking around. My plans are to leave NJ. Can’t take the snow and ice anymore and want to go where there is a possibility of getting some work. I don’t have your phone number with me. If you want, please call my cell phone if you have it. Roy is down in Clearwater visiting his Dad. He will be back tomorrow. It has been peaceful without him.


    • Patricia, sorry I didn’t call yesterday, my neighbor stopped by. We sat outside (the one nice thing about Arizona this time of year) and had a few glasses of wine. I know several people in Florida – they love it. But as far as some work, both friends are retired. Good luck with the search – will you keep the houses in Vernon?


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