And Now This

Each and every day here in the desert reveals a new monstrosity to me.  

Last night I was speaking with neighbor, telling him of my encounter with the javelina when he told me that he fished a rattle snake from his pool a week ago.  I asked if he killed it, and he emphatically told me “No, they are a protected species!  It is against the law to kill one.”  When I asked what he did with it, he told me he brought it to the riparian way, which is right across the street from my house, and set it free. 

Oh my God!  You can’t kill a rattle snake in the State of Arizona.  Maybe, you can’t kill one anywhere, I have no idea.  All I hope for is that I do not encounter one before I am lucky enough to get out of this State. 

Then while I’m walking this morning with my neighbor (she lives next to Rattle Snake In Pool Guy), she tells me that just this very morning she moved a large candle vessel from her patio and a small beige colored snake slithered from under the vessel.  Ugghhh, now I’m scared.  This is all too close to my home.

After our walk, I return home, unlock my entry door and there on the tiles is an enormous centipede (well that’s what I think it is).  I run to get my camera and a shoe.  The camera was to show you, my readers, what I encounter in this the desert southwest.  The shoe was to be used to splat the beast.  By the way, the exterminator is making another visit to my house this Saturday.

It seems to me that creatures were not so huge or poisonous back on the East Coast.  Yes, I know there can be snakes there too, but I don’t think they are mingling with the civilization of the metropolitan New York area.  I guess if you were brought up here in the desert, all these creatures would be just part of your normal life, but for me NO WAY.  All I can say is; I can’t sell my house quick enough!

One response to “And Now This

  1. Hi Arlene, that centipede can do some damage to someone–please be very careful with them. (Kill those suckers!)


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