Now I Know For Sure

It’s 7 am on Saturday morning and I’m out for my usual morning exercise.  I’m listening to David Garret on my MP3 player, all is going well – the mornings are much cooler now even though the daytime temperatures are still hovering around the 100 plus degree mark.  

I come upon another morning walker and we exchange “Good Mornings”, “How you doing today?” and continue on our walks.  Next, I see a young boy walking a beautiful Alaskan Akita, the boy is dressed in his soccer uniform, I guess ready for today’s practice or game.  Again, I say “Good Morning, what a beautiful dog and well-behaved too!”  The boy walks on and so do I. 

Several cars pass, but the rest of the walk is uneventful, as is normal.  I have now been walking for 45 minutes and am coming upon what I call the last leg of my exercise.  I walk up an incline then cross over and go around another block and then begin my return home.  I am almost up the incline and ready to cross the street when –  what I, at first think is a large dog, runs right next to me from in front of one of the houses to my left. 

No, it wasn’t a dog; it was a very large javelina!  This animal was close enough for me to feel the movement of air on my legs as he passed (remember this is Arizona and I am walking in shorts).  These animals have been known to attack people and cause serious injuries. 


Now this is enough – coyotes, rattle snakes, enormous spiders, scorpions, peregrine falcons and now giant javelina.   I have said this before and I will say it again, loud and clear – I AM A CITY GIRL, THIS PLACE IS JUST WAY TOO WILD FOR ME!  So today I have made up my mind to pray harder, think positive and to lower the price on my house.  I want to go back to the life I knew.  ARIZONA IS NOT FOR ME!!!

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