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The Time is Ticking Away

I cannot wrap my mind around the fact that only 21 days remain until I board the plane for my second Camino de Santiago.

On one hike this week, I was enthralled by four Peregrine Falcons soaring on the air currents rising up the side of the mountains.  I stayed there, neck craned, watching and trying to catch a good picture to post.  I later learned this technique used by raptors is called ridge lift or slope soaring to reduce the amount of energy they expend during their search for food while on the fly.

Last year shortly before I was leaving for the Camino another Peregrine Falcon followed me during my entire training hike.  At times she swooped down so low I could clearly see each feather on her wings.  I believed she was telling me “Take flight Peregrina, be free, experience all the beauty.”

And now shortly before I will again be leaving for the Camino once again, I am put in a trance by not only one Peregrine Falcon but four.

This is going to be a great Camino, I feel it in my bones!!!