The Time is Ticking Away

I cannot wrap my mind around the fact that only 21 days remain until I board the plane for my second Camino de Santiago.

On one hike this week, I was enthralled by four Peregrine Falcons soaring on the air currents rising up the side of the mountains.  I stayed there, neck craned, watching and trying to catch a good picture to post.  I later learned this technique used by raptors is called ridge lift or slope soaring to reduce the amount of energy they expend during their search for food while on the fly.

Last year shortly before I was leaving for the Camino another Peregrine Falcon followed me during my entire training hike.  At times she swooped down so low I could clearly see each feather on her wings.  I believed she was telling me “Take flight Peregrina, be free, experience all the beauty.”

And now shortly before I will again be leaving for the Camino once again, I am put in a trance by not only one Peregrine Falcon but four.

This is going to be a great Camino, I feel it in my bones!!!


11 responses to “The Time is Ticking Away

  1. 21 days – three weeks!! That time will fly by.

    I’m getting as excited as you Arlene!

    And the Falcons are definitely a good omen – especially four of them!



  2. How lucky to have four falcons, definitely a good omen. We will be just a few days ahead of you, but don’t you start in Logrono, Arlene? We can’t be that far apart. I will follow your tracks as you post updates. Peter


  3. I’m sure that the falcons are a sign of luck for you = and that you feel it in your bones is excellent,, so much better than feeling pain after your hikes LOL. I see that man Bill who writes on here to you,,, is that the man from Australia that is going there and has been chatting with you about it all,,,,,very attractive and wait till you hear the accent,, nice indeed right!
    . I wish you much luck on your journey and will hope to talk to you before the big send off……………………….. xo


  4. I think the falcons were sending you a message to let go of your fears and for you to fly down the Camino road…3 weeks time to get serious about the packing..have a great day and will follow your steps best wishes les


  5. So Happy to hear the joy in your words!! Wishing you all god things and hoping to talk to you soon. Love J


  6. Oops! God things and good things as well !! J


  7. Reblogged this on PGS – The Way and commented:
    Arlene’s blog – for you to follow if you wish… She’s leaving soon!


  8. Looking forward to following your Camino Arlene! I think of you often and tell so many how your words of support and encouragement on my blog helped as I made my way! Take care and Buen Camino!!


    • Nicole,
      I’m sure I’ll appreciate your words of support and encouragement as I make my way along the Camino the same as you did mine.
      Thanks in advance!


  9. Buen Camino, Arlene! I am with you in spirit! Julie


  10. Hi Arlene – absolutely beautiful photo and what a gorgeous sky! Not long now! Wishing you joy with each and every step – Jenny


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