Birthday Thoughts

Birthdays tend to make it easy for me to reflect on times and events of my life. With each passing year, the memories and experiences grow, hopefully the lessons learned continue to make me a happier, healthy, compassionate person.

This past year one of my high school classmates who was one of the bride’s maids in my first wedding passed away. Naturally, my immediate response was she was too young to die. But I’ve now seen enough people who I consider contemporaries come to the end of their physical lives.

I now realize this is the Universe’s gentle reminder of mortality in this plane of existence. My recent spiritual teachings stress the spirit never dies, we simply enter another plane of existence. And this, I do believe, aligns with the teachings of all the world’s religions.

I have learned to keep going, one must keep moving. Daily exercise is so incredibly integral to our health and well-being.

I know the capacity to learn is never lost. Desire to continue to grow is all that is needed.

I have learned Yoga is much more a lifestyle or life choice than simply performing asanas. It is a choice to live a spiritual life, encompassing every aspect of living.

I have learned the importance of friends. I am very lucky to have several very close friends who have stuck with me along my journey. I realize not everybody is as lucky.

I have learned life is not all perfect but the sun always rises on a new day.

I’ve learned time after time, thoughts become things. It is so very important to keep good thoughts!

And now I begin another chapter in my life’s book. Here are several of the intentions I have set for myself.

  • Thoughts of another certification are developing.
  • A Yoga Retreat for Choose Happiness Adventures is in the planning stages for this upcoming year.
  • During 2018, which will be a milestone year for me, a long-distance walk with my Yoga Mentor will be completed.

14 responses to “Birthday Thoughts

  1. You are a gem! Which classmate passed away, may I ask?


    • Hi Mike,
      Actually two classmates in the recent past. The first was Larraine Terrell and the second, the one I wrote of, was Kathy McCormack. Nice to hear from you, how are things going?


  2. Judee Bradshaw

    So glad to hear that you are staying connected with your spiritual self! Best wishes for completing your intentions. 😘😁!


    • Judee, I will be working on completing those intentions, stating them for the world to see reinforces the desire for completion.


  3. Arlene,
    Hope you have a very good day today. Your yoga, meditation, and walks seem to be reversing your aging.
    Happy Birthday


  4. Nancy Johnson Martinez

    You are forever expanding your horizons..May this day and this next year find you fulfilling all your intentions..You are a joy to know..God Bless You..Nancy


    • Nanc, as I said in the post to keep going, one must keep moving, and that means moving in all ways physically as well as intellectually. I’m simply not ready to sit back waiting for the inevitable – there is still so very much I wish to see and do.


  5. Lovely sentiments, and I see your developing spirituality. I also think I know the milestone to which you are referring. Your picture is gorgeous, you just keep getting better!


    • Hi Lova,
      You sure do know the milestone I am referring to. That picture was taken on the last day of a CHA tour last year so I may look a bit different now, in fact I’m sure I do. Thank you anyhow for the compliment. See you soon!


  6. Hi Arlena, I can see the you have been doing a lot of manifesting and working with the Law of Attraction. Great stuff isn’t it? You are very right – we are eternal beings living a short incarnated life on Earth. We are meant to have a blast all the time as we journey along.

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    • Hello Angie,
      I have been working with the Law of Attraction and manifesting for many, many years now, I am definitely a believer in we create our own reality. And since we do so, why not imagine and create the happiest, most attractive reality for ourselves? Yes, as you said we are all meant to have a blast as we journey along this life! Here, here!

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  7. Well, you’ve said it all, and so have your friends, so I can just concur and hope to follow you on this very exciting new pathway 🙂 May all your sankalpas come to pass 🙂


  8. Why not Arlena and the lovely thing of all is that there are so many like minded friends that are with us on the way. xx


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