Camino de Gastronomía Portuguesa y Gastronomía  Española – Day 1 – Porto

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Porto is lovely as it always is. Even on the Caminho Portugues you can get a mixed salad with tuna, which is what I had for lunch with a glass of white wine.

Mixed Salad with Tuna

Now for dinner. We dined at the Douro Sentido Restaurante just around the block from our hotel.

We entered the restaurant to find a lovely table by the window reserved for us, Shortly after we were seated the waiter came with a bottle of white wine for us – fortunately we all love the vinho Branca and a plethora of small bites or as they are called here in  Europe ‘entrees’.

Cheese, Portuguese chorizo, melon, salad and potato croquettes

Deb toasting our Caminho

Our main course was different for each of us, there was a dish of cod, one of salmon and the other of hake. Naturally we shared tastes all around.’

cod with garlicky boiled potatoes

salmon with potatoes and cabbage

hake with rice and beans

And as if this wasn’t enough, it was followed with a bite of sweets again tasted by all and another glass of wine.’

A delicious creme Brule type thing, fresh fruit salad and a lovely solid cinnamon tasting cake

Needless to say, we three needed the walk back to the hotel.

As I said before we arrived on this Camino, prepare yourself for some wonderful gastronomy of both Portugal and Spain.


8 responses to “Camino de Gastronomía Portuguesa y Gastronomía  Española – Day 1 – Porto

  1. Judee Bradshaw

    Great looking meal. Getting you ready for long trek tomorrow!


  2. Thanks for posting these photos. Looks pretty vegetarian friendly.


  3. Nancy Johnson Martinez

    Looks lovely..Can’t wait to hear about your adventures..Hugs, Nancy


  4. Like I said … I’d need HUGE amounts of exercise to make up for daily indulgences like that! Enjoy every bite and drop 🙂


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